*HELP* Trying to sell my Marc Jacobs Bal Harbour..

  1. Hi, I'm totally new with eBay~ and I just listed my Bal Harbour satchel...

    But when I search it, my auction does not come up.
    Also under my profile where it says "Items for Sale" there is also nothing!

    What is going on??
    I don't think anyone can see my auctions!!! :sad:
  2. If you only listed within the past 24 hours or so eBay does not show auctions to the ebay public for a while
  3. You may also want to delete your auction link by editing your post before a mod removes it. You cannot advertise your own auctions!
  4. ^ ohhh woops!
    thanks a lot.
    i was just providing the link so that ppl can help me find whats wrong with it.

    thank you! i will delete~ sorry mods!

    thanks guys. ill wait 24 hours
  5. In future you may want to put a 10 day listing on it that way you wont loose a day waiting for it to show up!

    Another way for people to see your item is to search buy it now and key in your item listing as the item number will show up for them!
  6. Just a few aside comments, in my opinion I would delete the stock photo. I am wary of sellers who use stock photos even if they include additional photos of their own. I would also take more pics of the bag itself, different angles, inside and out, and in natural light. The pics are pretty dark. You might want to think about starting the bidding lower but with a reserve -- this usually generates greater interest.

    Good luck with your sale!
  7. One last thing -- for goodness sake, take down your NM statement from the auction! It has your account number on it!!!!!
  8. Thanks soooo much. I'm gonna take all your advices and try em out.

    It's my first time selling on ebay. It's so much more complicated than I thought!

  9. for the buy it now thing~ could u explain again?
    i lost u a little~
  10. your listing should be appearing in your ebay page under items i am selling even before it officially shows up for everyone to see so you should double check that