help to spend my gift voucher

  1. Dear Ladies/Gents,

    I would like to ask for your advise to spend my xmas gift voucher of EUR 1.000.
    I am a young professional, and i am thinking of the following bags to use for work as well at weekends:
    -30 speedy monogram & damier
    -black alma and a key-holder
    -black 30 speedy and a make-up pouch
    -black epi lockit and -II-
    -mini-lin and damier azur speedy 30
    -ribera mm and a key-holder

    I am looking for a bag which i can use for years and doesnt look dated...

  2. If you want to use it for work and during the week ends I would say a black epi bag (lockit or speedy) and a make up pouch. Black epi is classy and classic.
  3. Merci Lilou!
  4. I would go with the black Alma or the Damier and mono speedies. The dual speedies you can change out. I think the damier looks more formal and the mono would be a great weekend bag. The Epi Alma is very classy! You can't go wrong with either! ENJOY!!!
  5. I would recommend the black epi Alma - very elegant and will go with everything -- second the Ribera MM - I just love the shape and gives you something a little more contemporary imo for both weekdays and weekends. -- I also like that its a structured shape, just my taste though, and the Damier is more scratch resistant than Epi, just my opinion once again :smile: -- love your choices! Have fun at the boutique!
  6. Ladies, all of your valuable posts are highly appreciated! I am really thinking about the black epi, i am just a bit worried if i look too boring at work with my black suits...
    I am also tempted by the 2 speedys version....actually all the classic LV pieces are just gorgy!!!!!
  7. -mini-lin and damier azur speedy 30
  8. Perhaps Epi Lockit, Damier Ebony / Azur Speedy 30? For Alma, I prefer bright color like Red.
  9. i say go for either the damier and monogram speedy 30s OR mini lin and damier azur speedy 30s. i'm not really a fan of epi even though i've had a epi passy (and it was cute). i guess i'm more "showy" and if I spend a good chunk of change on a bag, i kind of appreciate it when people recognize it ya know? :smile:
  10. Mini Lin or Epi Speedy ...
  11. I vote for the damier and mono speedies!
  12. The Black Alma... I'm guessing that's in Epi? I'd choose that with a Cles. :tup:
  13. hmm...that is true, you don't wanna be just black from head to toe, but maybe you can dress it up and have a pop of color with a key chain or a scarf/bandeau?

    P.S. i would also go with the black alma. it's the only bag i have right now, but it works WONDERS with both my work and casual wardrobe. hope that helps!
  14. Wow, congrats on your gift voucher....
    let us know what you decide !!! Have fun at the boutique !!
  15. Black Epi Speedy and Make Up Pouch.