Help!.. These people start to fake the H receipt

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  1. Hi H lovers,
    I'm here beginning to write my experience about buying Hermes Kelly from a reseller in Hongkong. He used to give me the best collection of Hermes bag, untik once he emailed me about the new kelly bag. I love the bag and i know this seller is quite reputable. Then I gave him the deposit, when i received the bag i made a few photo and wish is anybody in the TPF can authenticate the bag. The result is NO.. Coz i never seen a real Kelly so i can't really compare the bag.
    The bag is Kelly orange size 32 clemence with stamp M

    Sadly, I told him about that he is selling me a fake H but he insist that the bag is authentic. Now the only thing I can do is to show him another Hermes invoice from H new bond street London in order to get my deposit back. So need help to any friends in London who can really order me any H things such as twilly or anything that will give me a piece of the original receipt from the H store in UK.

    Thank a million ....
  2. windy-day, so sorry about this situation.

    You seem to have been trying to get hold of a receipt for a while, in a few threads and also in visitor messages. Unfortunately, people won't be able to post you their receipts because 1) people need to hold on to them and 2) we don't want to be in a position where these receipts end up used in the wrong way.

    Generally for authenticity questions the best is to post in the Authenticate This thread, pictures about the bag and details about its origin.

    I hope you understand.
  3. @Little H.. these situation really puts me in the corner. Sadly, the only way to do refund is to prove that they are giving me fake invoice.....:sad:
  4. windy_day, perhaps you can visit local H with the reseller to see what they say. H does not authenticate but will be able to confirm if they can provide spa service on the item.

    i am sorry about the receipt situation but i think it is more important to validate the ACTUAL item rather than the receipt, don't you think?

    good luck!
  5. How about proving they gave you a fake bag? Who cares about the receipt? If you were somehow able to provide a real receipt for anything from Hermes, you'd only be handing them something with which to do a BETTER fake receipt in the future.
  6. when i bought from Hermes Capri they didn't give me a receipt. well they did but i have to mail it back to them to prove i left the EU, to get my refund. so now i don't have a receipt for my bag.
  7. Why is this the only way?

    Hermès does not even need a receipt to ascertain authenticity of its goods.
  8. Can you not buy something from your local H- just something small- that way you would get your receipt?
    Yes like others said take it in for a spa!
  9. Hermes does not ask for original purchase receipt when I sent my vintage Kelly bag for spa. They never asked me anything about authenticity either. They will be able to know whether it is authentic or fake. I agree with others, do brig your Kelly to your local Hermes asking for it to brawny in for spa. If it is fake, they will not treat it. I think it is better than tryin to get hold of a foreign Hermes store receipt?
  10. I like this idea!! :P

    (kidding, I'm kidding)
  11. I agree with everyone, bring the bag to your local H, and ask them if you can send it in for spa. If it is not authentic, H will not accept your bag for sure. HTH!
  12. It goes beyond mere acceptance, actually. As the staff who accepts the bag for spa would be an SA. And the bag goes into a queue to be seen by the craftsman. So until the craftsman has inspected the bag, the verdict is not confirmed yet.
  13. Thanks MrsS, good point!

  14. Nutty nut- lol!!
  15. thanks for all the advice >> it really help me to overcome this situation :smile: