Help! The zipper on my MJ Lola broke...

  1. Where can I take it to get fixed. It's not the main zipper that broke, but the smaller zipper in front :sad:
  2. You can give it to me. Because I've ALWAYS wanted a's that umbrella pocket that gets me every time. :lol:
  3. How did it break? Just the zipperpull, or the entire zipper? I think most cobblers will be able to re-attach the zipperpull or perhaps even a tailors/seamstress?
  4. (hey, i think i know you!! nice username! :p )

    btw, my bag is on it's way. you can check it out once i receive it. WOOHOO! can't wait for the package!

    good luck with fixing the zipper! i'm sorry it broke so shortly after you got it! =p
  5. Take the bag to a MJ store.They may be able to get you replacemt parts
  6. mslgrrl -- Thanks for the link...the only way I'd drop the cash on a Lola is if I found one in red. I just think that bag in red...ah...perfection!!!

    You may also want to contact Lovin My Bags Leather Care for Handbags as I asked them about fixing a broken zipper on a Stella and they said they could do that for me (ended up not buying that Stella).