Help! The LP bag I bought on Ebay has a mark on it.

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  1. I missed the pumpkin LP Dylan messenger during the Sample sale and so I bought one on Ebay. It just arrived and there is a small black mark on the front right between the pockets. I don't know what to do.....does anyone have any ideas how to remove this mark? It was advertised as perfect condition with no stains. I am in Canada I have already paid customs fees on this bag so I'd rather fix it than return it. Here are some pics:

  2. Oh, wow! That's a shame that it was not diclosed.
    Does it look like a pen mark, or a smudge of some sort? I know pen marks on leather must be treated differently than just a smudge or dirt mark.
    I use COACH leather cleanser to clean my LP bags, and Wilson's to protect them from future stains. The COACH cleanser is safe to use on LP leather, although I have never tried to remove a pen mark.
    Good luck, and I am sorry about your bad experience with this bag. It is really too bad.
  3. Thanks Cooper:smile:It doesn't look like a pen mark. It's more like a black when you touch a newspaper and it rubs off on you.
  4. ^^
    Try emailing LP and see what they recommend. It's not too big, so maybe once the bag is worn it's not that noticeable.
  5. as a 1st step, i'd recommend a white pencil eraser in this case. it won't do any harm, it's very non-invasive, and it's taken off similar dirt smudges on my matte leathers very well.

    sorry to hear about this :heart:, but i feel pretty good that you can lighten it with the eraser... looks like NOT ink from a pen, which is the peskiest.
  6. Try a little leather cleaner maybe. I don't think it's too major of a deal - let us know how you fare though. I'm sorry it wasn't disclosed...
  7. That pumpkin colour is gorgeous! I hope you find something that gets it out.
  8. Don't a lot of people swear by those magic erasers? You know the Mr. Clean kind that you use for housecleaning?
  9. It's not dark, so you might be able to remove it -- too bad it's in such a conspicuous spot! Keep us posted... Maybe if you sent the seller some of the pics they might be able to give you back a small partial refund.
  10. Isn't it the white plastic drafting erasers? Like the Staedler brand ones you find in art/drafting/office supply stores? I don't know if you can use the Mr. Clean magic erasers...those might damage leather!
  11. ^ Yes, I use those or the Pentel click eraser (that comes in a pen-shaped stick). Those work really well for surface stains.
  12. Like Baihai I use the Staedler ones OR just a plain white pencil eraser that come on the ends of certain mechanical pencils. I think they work about equally well, though the Staedlers are easier since they are bigger.
  13. No!!!!! Magic Eraser will discolor the leather. I would only use this on a white or off-white bag. Try Leather CPR from Restoration Hardware (or do a Google search to find it elsewhere); and even then, clean it gently, you don't need to take the sport from black to white.

    Since you are in Canada and I am presuming that the seller is in the U.S., I would file a dispute with eBay (on the grounds that the item was "not as described") immediately. You should also file escalate your complaint to a Paypal claim. Don't even bother filing a Paypal dispute. It's a waste of time.
  14. if you're going to file a claim with ebay and try to return the bag, don't do anything to the bag until you are sure you are going to keep it! using a leather cleaner or trying to erase off the spot could be grounds for the seller not accepting a return.
  15. Update: The seller is being really great about the whole thing and is allowing me to return the bag. It's great to see that there are still honorable people in the world:yes: I will lose what I paid in customs fees plus my shipping costs but it is worth it to me because I wouldn't wear the bag with the spot on it and I might not be able to get it off.