Help - swarovski charm

  1. I'm thinking on getting a friend this swarovski heart charm for her birthday. BUT i'm not too sure if it would be a good/versatile gift. any opinions or suggestions? :biggrin:
    heart charm 83$.jpg
  2. I have it! It's great! I have the yellow gold one and I've had it for years. Still looks great and it's been on my keys that I use every day. I'm sure your friend will love it!
  3. I think it is cute. I think it is a nice idea.
  4. I like it. Thanks for the idea of getting a Swarovski charm:tup:
  5. Very pretty - elegant and dainty. :smile:
  6. does this one look better or the heart charm?
  7. I kind of do like the second one better. But the first is still cute too.