help-summit drive--- Pomme d' amour or perle???/

  1. just want to know your opinion guys, i want to buy the summit drive but im not sure what color to get, i love the hot pomme d' amour its flashy, but i like the subtle elegance of the the perle, though im not really a fan of white leather bags im thinking this one is patent right? so if ever it encounters minor stain i can remove it?

    would love to hear your opinions

  2. After my perle bedford turn yellowish, I hate perle so I'll vote for pomme ;)
  3. I'd go for Pomme. it's my fav vernis color at the moment.
  4. I would go for the pomme too.
  5. I'd go for pomme. It is a classic red so will always look great!
  6. it turned yellowish? seriously...
    too bad

    your money went to a worthless piece

    thanks for the reply

    i think i would now go for the pomme
  7. Pomme! Perle is nice, but Pomme is way more striking and fun.

    Oops - just saw you went for Pomme. Post pics when you get it, LVoe the Summit Drive! :nuts:
  8. I love that bag in pomme! So pretty!
  9. Pomme!! Too many issues with possible color transfer on the pearle. I just went through this with white MC...believe me, you can't get it off.
  10. definitely pomme...the pomme is so gorgeous, how could you not?! :biggrin: it looks sexy and dangerous at the same time. i love vernis!
  11. ooooo tough say...hmm...really i dont know. idk have to see them in person....i normally like white more but it doesnt feel as special in this bag....go for the pomme
  12. my vote for is for pomme too! ihave it in roxbury drive love it in the vernis line but in the end, go with ur gut.
  13. Another vote for Pomme
  14. pomme!! red is classic!
  15. All votes for pomme, go for pomme ;)