Help - Sprayed bbag with AppleGard - scared!

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  1. So I have only one Balenciaga (don't know the style name, but I got it at NM a few weeks ago - it has the silver tag on the outside, no tassles, and looks like a small LV Speedy). It's beautiful faded grey - blue (not cornflower or gris). Super soft, slouchy, distressed (but not cracked) leather. Well I noticed that a rain drop turned it navy blue, so I hurried and bought Applegard spray protectant. I carefully sprayed it about 6 hours ago and it is all uneven, darker and more grey (than blue) now. :amazed: :amazed: I know it takes awhile to completely dry, but it looked this way about an hour after spraying and hasn't changed since!! :shocked: :shocked: I'm really scared - any words of encouragement out there?
  2. ^ Step away from the bag. All you need to do now is wait. These protecting sprays need to set into the bag's leather and take time. The directions will indicate the exact number of hours, my bottle of Kenneth Cole Shoe, Handbag and Apparel Spray states to wait 12 hours. So, if I were you I'd leave it be overnight. Take another look tomorrow morning.

    It is best to treat a bag when it is brand spanking new. If that isn't possible then, when the bag is clean and thoroughly dry. Also I'd wait about 24 hours between applications of different products to avoid mixing chemicals and complete absorption.
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao: So funny! Agreed, though. your avatar :love:
  4. So sad! I hope it will be okay. I've just bought the products after reading about them here. Now I'm afraid to use them. Please let us know what happens.
  5. It’s a little like magic. These sprays will temporarily make you think you f*cked up your $1,000 handbag…but don’t panic, this is only a test. If you follow the directions and spray a clean, dry bag everything will be just fine. Actually, better than fine, it will be protected from the harsh elements after the looong waiting period in which your bag will look dirty or discolored or just generally messed up. But that goes away, completely. At least that was my experience and I too freaked out a little.
  6. I know which bag you are talking about. I almost bought it myself in that same color. It is really pretty! It's like a dusty blue color, right? I have not used Apple Guard yet on my bags, but I'm sure it will be okay once it dries. Let us know how it looks tomorrow.
  7. Thanks everyone. :smile:

    Kat - yes, it's a dusty blue - or at least it was. :sad: It's been about 10 hours and no change - streaky and darker - I'm really scared.

    I used it 2 times before spraying but it never got wet or dirty - just a drop of rain on the handle and then I put it away until my AppleGarde came. I think I oversaturated it - it is significantly darker in spots.

    I will be really upset if it still looks like this tomorrow - everyone swears by AG!! :cry: :cry: What will I do? :sad: Has anyone "blow-dried" their bag?

    I'm not going to be able to sleep...but I won't check again until tomorrow - promise...

    Thanks again...
  8. awe, frenchiefan, i'm sure it will be okay...please try to get some sleep sweetie...i'm sure it will be just fine in the morning :smile:

    p.s. i love french bulldogs too :heart:
  9. It sounds like you used too much, or sprayed too close to the bag. I lightly misted mine from about 6 inches away. I hope everything turns out okay for you, my experience with AG has been wonderful. Keep us posted!
  10. I've applegarded my black city and my LV bags - please check my about me page for info on apple products - I had a HUGE scare when spraying my LV bag - it had AWFUL stains, but 24 hours later they were gone (before and after pictures of that incident are on the page, and the link to the page in my signature)
  11. I've never had a problem using Apple Garde on my Balenciaga's - in fact I think it is what keeps my bags looking beautiful ;) ........ I'm crossing my fingers you wake up in the morning and it is back to normal.

    Did you shake it?
  12. Frenchiefan--How does it look this morning?????
  13. Hope it's all o.k now?
  14. Any news Frenchiefan?? I got my Apple Leather Care and Guard yesterday. On Friday I had replaced my black buffalo watch strap with a lovely, deepish yellow alligator strap and I moisturised it and sprayed it with AG last light. It seems to have returned back to normal. *Maybe* a shade darker, I will go by the store today and compare it with new. I want to know if I messed it up, even though I can't do anything about it.

    I hope your Balenciaga is back to normal!! Please let us know either way!

    I wish you well,

  15. The only thing you can "do" is wait, please do not use a blowdrier or fan or microwave oven to dry your bag as any of those could ruin it.

    If you did oversaturated the leather than it may take more than 24 hours before the spray has fully set, evaporated, and penetrated the leather fibers.

    I hope it looks better this morning. Let us know.