Help! Spilt water in Empreinte Artsy

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  1. I don't ever carry a water bottle in my bag and of course the one time I ever did, about an hour ago, the bottle leaked half it's contents into my bag. I urgently need advise on how to dry the bag safely. So far I've dabbed it with a clean thick towel and have put in a dry towel. Not sure if it would be safe to blow dry it on low.
  2. No! Let it dry slowly, so it won't crack.
  3. I think you should just let it air dry naturally after removing the towel out of it.
  4. Microfiber towels are great at sucking up the moisture. Dont rub, just firmly blot. Only use the cool setting if you must use a hair dryer. And, i would only blowdry the inside. Good luck.
  5. Thanks everyone. I removed the towel and used a hair dryer on the coolest setting on the lining only and then hung it on a door handle to air dry.
  6. Oh ksheika, I'm sorry this happened to you :sad: I hope your bag dries out ok, please keep us updated. It's never nice when these things happen, I had a mishap last weekend with one of my LV items (it wasn't as expensive as a bag but upsetting nonetheless).

    Good luck!
  7. I read somewhere on the forum that handing the artsy handle on the door will cause damage to it in the long run. It cause the leather to crack. It happens more to the canvas ones with vachetta leather. Maybe is not too bad for the emp leather.
  8. Try using silica beads inside the bag to absorb excess moisture that can remain even when it seems like the bag has dried.
  9. The silica beads is a great idea!