help! Speeding up Pantina

  1. So VUitton is going to replace two of the corners of my vintage bag. However it will have to be with the white unpatinaed corners. So I need to speed up the pantina quick (other than the tanning bed idea...too weird) to at least reasonably match vinatage corners.
  2. I don't know how to speedy up only certain parts of a bag but I know that hot weather and humid weather practically give instant patina, so does leaving it in your car on a hot day! I accidently left my new bag in the car for 30 minutes on a hot 75-80* day and when I got back it was defintely more patinaed. I think the car gave the most patina the fastest but make sure you are parked in a safe place where no one will break into your car to steal your bag.
  3. i heard something about using olive oil? how does that work?
  4. no no avoid olive oil, I think baby wipes can speed up patina
  5. Leave it in the sun for a few hours, maybe? And then after a few hours flip your bag around to tan the other side? Of course, cover whatever you don't want tanned further with a towel.

    Other than that, baby wipes should work, but make sure you condition the leather after using them or the vachetta may become too dry!
  6. My SA mentioned using mink oil to help even out the patina. But, I never tried it out. Nor, do I even know what that is :shame:
  7. I rubbed my moist clean hands on my straps for days and carried it whenever the sun was out.
  8. Well my SA did mention the olive oil to my Mom and I today, however, I don't think I could do that.
  9. No olive oil, please. There are leather products you can use such as conditioners that will slightly darken it. The sun will help alot. Just using the bag will speed up the patina process.
  10. Leather conditioner is probably the best way to go, my friend used a hairdryer to change the patina on her bag. Maybe if you just point the dryer at the new vachetta for a few minutes.... I would stick with a product made for leather specifically. Good luck.
  11. I spilled water on one of my brand new bags and I totally freaked. With the help of my dear dad I wet a cloth and evenly wet the vach leather. I let the bag then dry in the sun (it was summer time in Michigan so it was really hot). I repeated the process until the water mark was no longer present. I achieved the PERFECT patina!
  12. thanks for all your suggestions! I just hope people don't stare and think my bag is a fake :sweatdrop:

    What are the traditional leather conditioners to keep leather non-cracked

    My poor vintage noe is very cracked on the strap (however I love the perfect unstained pantina so I keep on using it).

    Btw the SA from Vuitton was perfect except I think he was a little snobbish about my one bag XD XD XD that I sent. He literally said "The bag that you call a reporter bag..."

    :shrugs: Vuitton must think I'm extremely weird sending them beat up bags but I love the vintage stuff!