help sides for prime rib

  1. im having prim rib for christmas so i need ideas for side items so far i have twice bake potato but thats it
  2. Look on there's a recipe for "Fancy Green Beans" that is AWESOME!

    Potatoes are always good.

    How many sides were you thinking of having? How many people are you serving?
  3. There's a restaurant in town here called House of Prime Rib, they serve garlic mashed potatoes and creamed spinach as their sides. You can also choose carrots and/or a side salad. Yummy!
  4. i'd go with mashed potatoes over baked potatoes, but i have a special spot in my heart for mashed potatoes. i'd also do some kind of green vegetable - beans and spinach, as the other posters have mentioned, are two that i've always thought went well with beef. if you want to do something a tad lighter to balance out the heaviness of meet and potatoes, maybe some steamed broccoli. when serving a good cut of meet, i find it best to keep sides clean and uncomplicated. the flavor of the beef should be what wows people!
  5. I'd go for mashed too, maybe w/ a very simple veggie- like green beans, asparagus, etc.
  6. How about Wasabi mashed potatoes?They r YUMMY!!!!!
  7. Lori,

    My mom lived in SF in the 70's and still talks about HOPR--how good it was and how she wishes there was one here in Texas...

    I vote for some sort of spinach side with prime rib--always one of my favorites
  8. At Lawry's Beverly Hills you have your choice with their prime rib.
    You get their specialty salad, but then you can choose between creamed spinach or peas, and then baked or mashed potato. Plus it's served with a slice of Yorkshire Pudding....:girlsigh::woohoo::drool:
  9. Green beans with slivered almonds would go well ("green bean almondine")

    Sweet potato oven fries drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with minced garlic and baked in the oven... that is delicious! Might sound unusual, but it's one of my favorite sides.

    Stuffed mushrooms, or marinated mushrooms

    A simple side salad

    These are all very simple and delicious!
  10. Ooh, isn't a Yorkshire pudding like a popover? I'd love to try one of those!!

    I've never had Prime rib, but I'll treat it as a steak. So, Some good side choices would be roasted or cottage potatoes, madeira mushrooms, green bean almondine, perhaps panko or parmesan breaded asparagus!
  11. I think that a simple, steamed veggie would be best. You don't want to overpower the boldness of the prime rib. How about steamed asparagus (my favorite!) or steamed snap peas, or brussel sprouts?
  12. Mmmmm, Yorkshire pudding.......

    I'd personally have creamed spinach and mashed potatos.
  13. I saw "prime rib" and I immediately thought of garlicky mashed potatoes ummm...yummmmm.....:drool: