Help-Should I sell my Cambon Reporter????

  1. A cry for help to all of you Chanel gals! I recently bought a black on black Cambon Reporter from a fellow TPF member. It is just beautiful - but not sure it is my style. I am mostly a Balenciaga girl - my style is super casual. It almost feels too flashy for me. Does this make sense? I look at it and LOVE it but when I put it on, I just can't decide. Opinions anybody???? TIA :confused1:
  2. oof I would reconsider keeping your bag. I have a mini reporter in brown on brown and I still love it. I don't think it's flashy at all, especially since you got the black/black so the CC doesn't scream out at you...
  3. I'm very casual too, and I love the Cambon line. I don't find it dressy at all. But if you're just not feeling the bag, sell it.
  4. With anything you're not sure about, take it out a few times and see how you feel then. True it's black on black which helps it not be quite so in-your-face.
  5. Thanks so much for your responses. I think that trying it out a few times is probably a good idea. I guess I shouldn't make any rash decisions that I may regret! Again, your comments are really appreciated! I keep thinking that I would really love this bag in the fall and winter - with jeans and a sweater - maybe it's just a little too much for the warm summer weather???? I'm definitely going to take it out for some test runs.....
  6. I love all my Cambons... Definately give it a bit more time. I have the Black on white and am looking for a white on black and have been falling in love with the black on black...
  7. Maybe you're just not used to it because it's so structured compared to bbags. Just give it a try!!
  8. The Reporter is one of my favorite styles. I have the black on beige but find it is hard to match. The black on black is so perfect and I passed up the chance to buy one on sale last year (bad timing is all) which I regret to this day!
  9. I love the reporters and tempted to buy one too as it's 50% OFF.. But the problem is.. It's just not my style.. I don't think I can wear the reporter at all because of how I dress up... Good thing someone took it home first than me! :biggrin:
  10. I'm a sporty/casual gal myself. And i Specially love the reporter, beacuse it's not flashy or dressy at all! It's more casual chique!
    I would keep it! Try it on for a whole day of shopping and see how you feel about it. If you still have doubts, than sell it!
  11. I just bought the cambon reporter for myself (brown & black) & it's to be delivered to me today, but for myself, I love the chic bag with the casual look.

    You should just try it out and don't be hasty. Good luck with your decision! :biggrin:
  12. if you don't see your self really using it, then sell and buy something else that you will totally enjoy and want to use.
  13. I have the beige/ black combo and its pretty easy to match...what more black/ black, test try it and see if you will be happy with it but its a pretty functional bag to use esp if you have kids.
  14. I don't think you should sell your reporter bag. It remains one of my favourite Chanel bags because it can carry so much (I stuff all my documents in it and my friend often puts a huge bottle of mineral water in hers...) and it still does not lose its shape!

    As for style, you carry/create your own style. Reporter is so versatile that I carry it to business meetings, I take it shopping with my friends. Hell, I even take it to the supermarket!!!