Help!! Should I get a Mono Pouchette or Azur to go in my bags?

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  1. I need something to help me organize my bags. I have a Mono Speedy 35, a Mono Neverfull GM, and a Azur Speedy 35. Should I get a Mono or Azur pouchette? I've gone back and forth all week and it's time to decide:shrugs: Thank you for any advice and although I am new to the forum I love how helpful and nice everyone is.:smile:
  2. Since you have 2 mono bags, a mono pouchette sound perfect. you can hang it on you neverful too
  3. I also think that mono would fit better
  4. does it have to be a pouchette...what about a contrast with the vernis colours???? just a thought...lf not then l say mono as well x
  5. I was gonna say the same thing. Why not go for Vernis? That way you have a lil of everything from the different lines. Just a thought :smile:
  6. I like the suggestion of something Vernis to add a pop of color. Otherwise, I'd go with the Azur since you only have 1 Azur piece!

    Good luck deciding!
  7. mono
  8. if it's a choice between mono and azur; and it's for the purpose of putting inside the bag; i'd get the mono.. just because it's less maintenance..
    but if it were ANY pochette, i'd say the damier ebene.. or any of the vernis.. :P
  9. i vote for damier ebene or vernis....since it's going inside of your bag, i think azur might be high maintenance. mono would be fine as well, but just thought i'd recommend something a bit different. i have a bunch of mono accessories and sometimes wish that i had bought something a lil different!
  10. So I ended up ordering a Azur Pochette. The only time I carry clutches is usually during the summer at the beach, or at night. I decided on the Azur because I only have 1 Damier piece and I think it would look great to carry on its own or in my other bags for every day use. Thanks to everyone for your input! I am now plotting my next purchase :sneaky: