Help! Seeking Red Classic order got cancelled *sob*

  1. Hi, everyone. I haven't posted in a very long time, but I'm still a Chanel girl. I just got a call today saying that for some mysterious reason, Chanel HQ is canceling the order the Ala Moana/Hawaii Chanel boutique placed for a red classic with the new chain. I've been on the reserve list for that bag for over 3 months. The red classic is my absolute dream bag and this was going to be a belated birthday present, so needless to say, I'm crushed.

    If anyone has leads on any red classic flaps at a department store Chanel boutique who may have received returns, I would very much appreciate a heads up. At this point, I will take either lambskin or caviar (preferred) and any size that's not the east/west. I'll be making a bunch of calls, but I'm not holding my breath because it's been a while since the last batch of red classics have shipped. But I figure it doesn't hurt to ask for help, or to ask for good vibes to be sent my way!

    My SA in Hawaii said the reason for the cancellation may be a quality issue...maybe something to do with the new chain. (Has anyone had problems with the chain being too heavy or too abrasive on the leather?) I suspect it's probably a fulfillment issue with Chanel HQ not being able to manufacture/ship more red classics for some reason. She said that Chanel HQ also canceled the boutique's order for some Madison bags, as well.

    However, the Hawaii boutiques are getting a special edition silver bag of some sort exclusive to Hawaii--I'm not exactly sure what they look like so you'll have to give them a call. I was too bummed on the news about the red to ask about this new bag.
  2. OMG, I know how you feel because I was #1 on the waikiki boutique waitlist!!! The manager called me last week and told me that the Paris HQ just cancelled the order with no reason given!!! I did however ran into the same bag (red medium caviar) last month at SCP (they were not supposed to get the bag because their buyer didn't order them, but somehow they got 2 in). So I managed to get one from SCP although the bag has some flaws (leather tear issue)....I am so bumped that the Hawaiian stores order was cancelled because I have been waiting since January! I have not used the one I got from SCP though, so I don't know about the chain being an issue, as far as I can tell I don't think the new chain is a problem though...
  3. I have the medium red in caviar. I've been using it for about a month now with no quality issues. The chain seems very durable to me.
  4. OMG, i intend to buy the red medium with new chain too. I found 2 (lampskin) at a boutique in London. Is there really a quality problem? I am worried that we can not find it anymore because it is a seasonal color and i tried to ask SA here. They said they are not sure niether that they will continue having it in fall. All fall bags will arrive in July(we kind of delay here). Hopefully, there is no problem with the chain . it is the 1st in my wish list now.
  5. I've been looking for a red classic flap too for a month with no luck. :sad: I was really hoping there would be some more coming in for fall, but I guess not.

    Hikarupanda - did you keep your bag even with the leather tear? I had purchased the e/w new chain red caviar at SCP last month but returned it on the spot because of a fairly large glue mark/residue in the corner. Sometimes I wonder if I should've just kept it as I'm sure the glue would've wiped off. Oh well... Congrats to everyone that got the new chain red flaps - they are gorgeous!!
  6. I kept it b/c I know I cannot find another one and I know the tear will not get worse and is fairly small on the side. But of course I still feel annoyed b/c I would love to have a FLAWLESS bag if they cost over $2000!!!
  7. I'm sobbing with you chinchillamoose. Coz, I'm also looking for this bag and I know it's impossible to get.