Help! Rugby fan in need!

  1. Any PFers out there going to be watching the World cup unfold this year? I'm a HUGE All Blacks fan and I can't get Setanta sports channel where I live, which is where I used to watch the games. Any suggestions for where I can find videos of the games this year?
  2. I'll probably watch some of the Australia matches (Go the Wallabies!)

    No idea where to get tapes of the games... are you in NZ?
  3. My DH will be watching all the Scotland and Ireland matches. :yes:

    No idea about tapes, but will ask him and let you know if he has any ideas.

    Just heard on Sky news that they are already predicting a France/New Zealand final!!!
  4. Can't wait until the World Cup starts! Hubby's going to a few games: Australia V Wales, The Semi and The G. Final.

    I think it's going to be a France V NZ final too - hubby will have to wear the All Blacks jersey he got given last week. lol.

    Perhaps there's a pub nearby that will be showing the matches?
  5. My DH and I have tickets to see Italy vs Scotland in Rome (went to the same match two years ago...he watches the match and I shop in Rome)

    Anyway, we recently found out I was pregnant, and due end of March! So no rugby match/shopping in Rome for us this year! Still, though, can't think of a better reason for missing the trip:smile:
  6. i'll probably watch england, but i'm not really into rugby union, west yorkshire is rugby league mad, so union doesnt get much attention in my neck of the woods!
  7. Congrats Siri Anne, that's wonderful news :smile:
  8. Those who are going to matches are lucky ducks! I am in America, so not much coverage is available to me here, and no pubs either. :sad:

    If it is a France/NZ final...well....Bring it on!
  9. It won't be ;)
  10. LOL. Argentina looked pretty good on the weekend.