Help! questions about sororities


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Jan 31, 2010
Hi! I am a freshman in college and i want to eventually rush and hopefully join a sorority. My school's greek system isn't the biggest but I'm still having trouble deciding which sororities to consider. The sororities at my school are :
sigma kappa, delta gamma, sigma delta tau, zeta tau alpha, gamma phi beta, and phi sigma sigma. Has anyone been in any of these sororities? And how were your experiences? Does the sorority you join effect you throughout your life?


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Apr 21, 2006
Sororities are soooo different from school to school so it's quite impossible for anyone to advise you who doesn't attend your university, know what I mean?

To learn more about the sororities on your campus, you should attend sorority functions that are open to interested women and meet/talk with some of the sisters there.

Good luck!


Dec 14, 2007
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^^^ Exactly. There is SO much difference between a house at one school and that house at another. I think by rushing, you'll find that different sororities on your campus have different priorities. Some are very service oriented, some are party oriented, some really care about grades or involvement in different campus activities (athletics, etc). While all sororities value philanthropy, scholastics, social life, etc., in some way, some houses are MOST concerned with GPA, while others value other things a bit more highly. You really don't have anything to lose by going through rush - there's no rule that you HAVE to pledge. Rushing will help you figure out where you'll fit - if at all.

I highly recommend sorority life. It was a fantastic experience for me while I was in college, and even more so as an alumna.

Good luck!


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~i agree. the best thing to do is to try and get to know some women from each; that's what rush is supposed to be for! i think it will quickly become apparent which sorority offers the best "fit" for you (^(oo)^)v

one thing to be aware of is that joining a sorority means that you will be committing a portion of your time to participating in various soririty events. It's important to maintain a balance; I saw some girls who overcommitted & took on too many responsibilities, and their grades suffered as a result.

Most importantly, be yourself, do what feels right for you, and don't stress too much about it - remember, this is college, you're supposed to be having fun!! (^(oo)^)v


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Jun 1, 2006
A sorority's "personality" can be very, very different from campus to campus even though the service priorities, rituals, etc are the same. Just go with the group you click with the most.

I had a blast in college and sorority life was a huge part of it. There are alum groups for just about every sorority in just about any city which is great for networking, social events, connections if you happen to move elsewhere, etc.



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Nov 7, 2006
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Warning, this is a little long and sappy:

I was a Sigma Kappa during college and absolutely LOVED it! I couldn't have even imagined going through school without my sisters. That being said however, I actually ended up signing up for Rush on a complete whim. I was going to school out of state and didn't know a soul and figured it would be an easy way to meet people.

If you do choose to go through Rush (and I would advise that you do) just please please please try and keep an open mind about the whole process. That week (at least for me) was rough. I won't lie. It is non stop the entire week and it can be a very cutting process so to speak. There were houses that I absolutely fell in love with that didn't ask me back after the first round. There were others that the first day I wasn't impressed with that I ended up really liking by the end of the week.

My house I actually did not like the entire week. I wasn't impressed by the girls I spoke with or the message that I 'thought' they were trying to portray. When I got my bid, I almost didn't accept. However I am extremely thankful that I did. I meet 2 of my best friends that day and the following year I ended up meeting 5 more of my best friends. Bid day was actually the day that changed everything for me.

My house was a HUGE part of my college life. It gave me a social life, friends, family, and so many more important things. These were the girls that I've cried with, laughed with, loved, and so much more. I can't even put into words how much it all meant to me. And even now that I am an alum, I do hold all of that in a very special place in my heart.

If you are even the slightest bit interested in a house I would say go through Rush. Just because you go through it does not mean you have to accept a bid or pledge a house or anything like that. And even if you don't end up in a house, you will meet a lot of girls along the way, both in houses and not.

The most important piece of advise, I think is to KEEP AN OPEN MIND! Chapters vary between schools, so just because you might identify with a house on one campus doesn't mean that you will with that same house on a different campus. And the house you don't like might actually be the best fit for you. As well as a house that you love might not be right.

(Sorry about the length of this! I started typing and kinda got caught up. If you have more questions/etc, feel free to PM me.)


Jan 19, 2010
ask the sororities what you have to do to get in. i turned down a sorority cuz they asked me to walk down the street in a sheet and no makeup! YIKES a fate worse than death.


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Remember to go on your impression and not on the sorority's "reputation," but still, give it a chance - I thought my house wasn't right for me at first, but ended up making very very strong friendships and have a zillion amazing memories.


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Dec 12, 2008
Sororities differ at each school. University of Illinois @ Champaign has the largest greek system (I think) and my favorite sorority is Chi Omega!