Help psl Entire bottle of water spilled inside my big Fendi bag.

  1. Visiting from Chanel board...Hope someone can help.
    I dumped an entire bottle of water inside my Fendi bag (sorry I do not know the name, but huge brown trapezoid shape, distressed leather, leather inside, big enough to hold notebooks and textbooks etc) and it's literally soaking wet. Paper towels are not absorbing any of the water...the leather feels saturated. What do I do???
    Thank you so much.:cursing::crybaby::cursing:
  2. OMG I'm so sorry!

    What kind of leather is it? Has the leather begun to discolor?

    Whatever you do, do not take a hairdryer to it!!!
  3. A - sounds like you have a Nappa Leather Bag Du Jour perhaps? Soak up all the water you can, empty it of course, turn the lining inside out - turn it upside down - somewhere where it can dry out that is arid and warm. let it dry... then asit is drying or when it dries, rub in APPLE LEATHER CARE if there are any water marks on the least that is what I would do, perhaps others have suggestions as well.

    so sorry to hear of this! :crybaby:

    PS: this is bag du jour:

    or perhaps its a devil bag? :
  4. It soaked thru from the inside to the outside of the bag in one area. It's not dry yet so I don't know how bad it'll be if and when it dries. It's thick brownish slightly blackish leather, rather distressed originally.
    Would Fendi be able to do anything, or are you on your own once you walk out of their door? I know Chanel will make repairs, dye bags, etc., does Fendi?
  5. Thank you, you're right, it's the bag du jour. I recognized the name once you posted it. Mine is a much darker brown though than the photo you posted.
  6. A - if you purchased it from FENDI, they will make repairs. If you purchased from a Store (Saks, Neimans) then take it to that retailer for repairs...hope it survives the ordeal! :wtf:
  7. Sorry - I am late to this thread, it has been a few days since the spill - but I have a suggestion for you. Buy some Poise pads at your local store. Stash a few in your car, too. These pads quickly absorb a ton of water, like a diaper. If you have an other spills that need quick attention, these things are livesavers.
  8. Yikes! Updates on how it went? Are you sending it to get fixed or doing it yourself?
  9. i hope your bag ended up ok, let us know how it went!
  10. I apologize for not posting sooner but I was away during this ordeal, so didn't have access to a computer after that first day of postings. The bag took a couple of days to dry out. I have good news to report! I used the Apple conditioner and the water spots blended in so well, that you really really have to know where to look, and even then only in certain light, to see very slight faint marks. I wore it right after the treatment, and I lost count how many people (total strangers) approached me to tell me how much they loved the bag!
    Thank you again for your help and support. I felt like I had the backing of this board as I was trying to salvage that bag and it was a great feeling! :woohoo:
  11. YAY!!! That is GREAT news! Now I feel safer about any water accidents that I hopefully may not have in the future. Now I have another reason to get that Apple conditioner. :tup: