Help! - Princess Cut Diamond Pendant

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  1. I would like to get a white gold princess cut diamond pendant. My budget is around $550US and I'm happy with anything 1/3 total carat weight or lower. Here's the options I'm considering.

    1) WhiteFlash Pre-Set Princess Diamond Pendant - .25 total carat weight, H/I, SI (I've heard nothing but good things about Whiteflash so maybe this one would be a safe choice?)

    2) Brian Gavin Diamonds
    This pendant and then choose a diamond (although they don't have many choices in this diamond size at my price point - like two! - and are from their "virtual" collection)

    3) Blue Nile (Maybe my best option here?)
    Build your own diamond pendant option (have a coupon code)

    4) ID Jewelry Pre-Set Princess Diamond Pendant - .25 total carat weight, SI, F-G (Diamond quality looks decent, not sure about pendant quality)

    I'm very torn. What do you guys think?
  2. I tried to delete this thread but can't figure out how to do it. Ugh, sorry!

    Long story short - I went with the Blue Nile option. I liked that I could pick out the diamond and they provided more specifications on the diamond (at least on-line) than Brian Gavin. I would have loved to have ordered from Brian Gavin as I have one of their pendants but in the round shape and was very pleased. We'll see how this Blue Nile one works out and if it doesn't, then I'm back to the drawing board with it.

    For the Blue Nile one, I used this info. from Diamond Pro as the go-by. Here's the link in case anyone is interested.

    I picked .30, very good cut, I, VS2, symmetry and polish both excellent, depth and table within specs., length/width ratio 1.00. Hopefully I did okay.
  3. Update - My Blue Nile pendant arrived last night and I'm not feeling it 100%. I don't know what to do. My husband thinks I should keep it (and that I'm "overthinking it") since it matches my princess cut earrings but it seems small next to my .24 round (and this one was .30).

    It has good sparkle, I like the thickness of the chain, but maybe I'm just bothered that my .24 looks bigger. Advice?
  4. Princess cuts will face up smaller than rounds because they're a deeper cut, first of all, so a lot of the weight goes into the bottom, and the square shape also doesn't give the same kind of diameter spread for the carat weight.

    If you're not feeling it now, you won't later, so return it. You can try to pick a different princess, or you can go with a round.
  5. Good advise, ame.
  6. You could pick a diamond from the WF or BG site and have them set it. You'll probably be able to find a much nicer stone than at BN.
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    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
  8. Well, I boxed it up and am sending it back and am shifting my focus to rounds. I'll probably circle back to Brian Gavin.
  9. I think BGD is a better move. Do the stones all have ASETs?
  10. ^ My budget is around $900 so I'm looking at stones from them in the .25-.30 range. I'm thinking of their bezel pendant in WG but need to be careful (with diamond selection) since that pendant is final sale.