Help! Poll: 1.6mm or 1.8mm band

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Which Eternity band?

Poll closed Mar 23, 2019.
  1. 1.6mm, .375ct, $745

  2. 1.8mm, .50ct, $1192

  1. The 1.8 is my favorite with your wring. The diamonds shine bright, plus the width matches the shank of your e ring the best.
  2. Blue Nile Spring jewlery Sale. 25% off for the 1.8mm and 50% off for the 1.6mm. :smile:
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  3. 1.8mm. The diamonds are lovely and bright and it looks great alongside your e-ring.
  4. So the 1.6mm is the 3/8 ctw Tazza and the 1.8mm is the 1/4 ctw Riviera? I voted 1.8mm when you first posted over the weekend without knowing that and coincidentally I just got the 1/4 ctw Riviera in platinum pre-loved from ebay delivered today and love it! I got it to pair with my 1.85 ct G round solitaire (setting is white gold, 1.8mm with softened knife edge) and stack with other thin bands on my right hand. I am big fan of mixing it up and swapping out and I think it makes a great “fun” band, so my vote is still for the 1.8mm 1/4 ctw Riviera. If the cost is holding you back, have you considered going with the Riviera in white gold for $817? I stack platinum with gold bands without any issues. Can't wait to see what you decide. GL!
  5. The 1.8mm was 1/2 carat Riviera in size 4.5.

    Cost wasn’t holding me back, I wanted platinum for sure. I just wasn’t sure which looked best because my e-ring is an I color and Riviera faces up really white.

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  6. The difference between both bands are rather insignificant if you don’t compare them. I would go for the 1.6mm, even if the cost is not a concern. However, it seems like you have made up your mind with the 1.8mm, so go for that, else you will regret it. [emoji846]
  7. Omg I love this band! Where did you get it?
  8. Blue Nile! :smile: Spring Sale.
  9. Thanks for voting everyone!
  10. Which one u decided on?
  11. Do you know if the sale is over?
  12. 1.8 :smile:
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  13. Oh sorry! That I don’t know.