Help! Poll: 1.6mm or 1.8mm band

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Which Eternity band?

Poll closed Mar 23, 2019.
  1. 1.6mm, .375ct, $745

  2. 1.8mm, .50ct, $1192

  1. #1 Mar 16, 2019
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    Guys! I’ve been obsessing over the pros and cons over half a day.

    I’m looking for a band to wear with my e-ring. My wedding band is all platinum, but on days I want some bling, this would be my alt “fun” band.

    Both are H, VS quality and all Platinum. Note, my bedroom lighting is very yellow so everything shows up warmer:

    • Value! $745
    • Appears a tiny bit less white when side by side with 1.8mm, even though listed as H color. But the 1.6mm matches the “I” color of my e-ring better
    • Prongs are a smidge thicker than the 1.8mm.
    • Overall color and appearance looks like Platinum because the metal and prongs have a grey tone.
    • Looks VERY NICE worn alone.
    • $1192...big difference!
    • Brighter and whiter diamonds than the 1.6mm.
    • Looks a smidge whiter than my I color e-ring (can be a good or bad, I guess).
    • Prongs are a smidge slimmer and you see more diamond and less metal. Overall a nicer setting, but that’s just being overly picky.
    • Overall appearance looks very white, like White gold, but it’s actually Plat.
    • Looks GREAT worn alone.

    Based on these points, I’ve been struggling.
    • Are the benefits of the 1.8mm great enough for a $447 premium?
    • Does the 1.6mm look ok with the e-ring? Or is the 1.8mm THAT, that much better?
    • If I didn’t buy the 1.8mm to compare, perhaps I would be perfectly dandy with the 1.6mm! LOL ugh, me.

    What would you choose?


    Left: 1.6mm Right: 1.8mm
    C7C53D68-6F73-46C9-A125-A716F02C682C.jpeg *the 1.6mm looks further away because I didn’t push my e-ring down as equal as the 1.8mm. They actually lay against the e-ring the same in real life.

    Left: 1.8mm Right 1.6mm
  2. #2 Mar 16, 2019
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2019
    As you can see, both are delicate, but the 1.8mm is just more.

    Final shot. L: 1.6mm R: 1.8mm
    B745FC08-EEFC-43CD-A589-0F35AFC7836D.jpeg The 1.6mm lets my e-ring stand out, but the 1.8mm pulls some attention away.
  3. This is really tough but I think if you plan on wearing it alone the 1.8mm is perfect. Besides your main ring is big enough to match it anyway!

    However, the color on the smaller one does seem more part of the 'set'... any way you could try a lower color 1.8mm?
  4. The larger one makes your e-ring look very yellow and takes away from your diamond. For me, I would not do that and take away from my e-ring. Personally though, I think your e-ring should be the star. I like a simple platinum band which is what I have. My left hand is all about my diamond, nothing else.

    Honestly, I like your e-ring by itself. When you add the eternity band, the eye is now first drawn to the eternity band because of all the tiny little diamonds and everyone has that same look to add more bling. But your diamond stands on its own!

    Your e-ring is beautiful, and I would let that be the star. Wear something blingy on your right hand.

    Just my two cents.
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  5. Can’t lower the color on the 1.8mm. These 2 are from different brand collections. The 1.8mm has a smaller carat weight sister, but it’s .25ct, looks too thin, and equally just as white.

    The purpose of this band I’m choosing is to be worn with my e-ring as a set. I have 3 other eternity bands (2mm and up) that’s significant enough to be worn alone.

    I wonder if the most sensible choice is the 1.6mm since it’s a “fun” band that I’m bought myself. But the 1.8mm is just pretty and hard to back away from. LOL

  6. By the way, if I may say one more thing for your consideration....

    Your asscher cut stone will never sparkle the same as a round brilliant which will always sparkle more. It is the nature of a step cut and you should not expect the same type of sparkle.

    The beauty of a step cut (emerald or asscher) is flashes of light, like a hall of mirrors. It is an elegant cut and so stunning.

    That is why I think you should not put rounds next to a step cut. They will compete.

    Asscher cuts are beautiful to me and as I have stated above, your diamond is beautiful to stand on it’s own.

    Bling out the right hand! [emoji1]
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  7. Yup, aware of that. I actually have another Round Brilliant E-ring in a halo and 2mm all-baguette eternity band so I technically have the “matching” choice.

    I guess I want the round brilliant this time because I want that contrast of extra brilliance and something in Platinum since my other thin eternities are WG, rose, and yellow gold.

  8. I prefer the 1.8mm. It looks great on its own as well as matched with your e-ring. No, it does not take away the shine of the e-ring, in fact I think it gives some shine to the combination. The 1.6mm which seems slightly more dull, the pair looks dull together. Your e-ring looks amazing on it's own, but because of the cut of the diamond, it does not "sparkle" like a round diamond. So if you pair with the 1.8mm, it brings out the shine just like how diamonds should. [emoji183]
    Get the 1.8mm one. The premium for the bling is worth it. After u get it you wont keep going back to think if you should get the shinier one or not.
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  9. Better natural lighting.


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  11. 1.8
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  12. I love your e ring. I like the 1.8 better as the 1.6 is a tad too thin. The 1.8 is more balanced when paired with your e ring.
  13. I like the 1.8 better as well. It matches the shank width better. Where are these from, the prices seem pretty low for platinum and those carat weights.
  14. I think your ering looks better without a band since they cannot lie flush next to each other.. Better to add stones to the ering setting shank or change the shank for a cleaner look. As is, the ering and eternity bands do not look great together.
  15. I like the 1.8. I think it accentuates your lovely ERing.
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