HELP: pls I.D. this clutch!

  1. mimi-bmp-Thumbnail1_580x435.jpg
  2. That's from Spring/Summer 2007. I don't know the name, but I'm pretty sure it retails for around $5,000.
  3. Thanks for info. In case you find out name, pls tell me!
  4. Would you know if it's enamel?
  5. Actually, thats from ACT II. Its $2995.00. Style number is A35105 Y04497.
    I think my SA has one, PM me for her info.
  6. Wow! That's a lot of money!
  7. What do you call the style / model of this clutch?
  8. I am looking at a lookbook, and everything is abbreviated, so I dont know the name. Are you in USA? if so, Pm me and ill give you my SA's info.
  9. hi cisforcoco:smile: you have a lookbook? can i pm you?
  10. Thanks for all your help, cisforcoco but I am not in the States. Can you just spell out what it reads in your lookbook? Is that the ACY II you mentioned? Appreciate it!
  11. I just got the clutch... It's very small but I like it. It's really pretty.
  12. Oh wow! Would you know then the name of the clutch?
  13. All it says on the price tag is 07P A35105Y04497
    Box Bag
    I guess it's called "Box Bag"?! I have been searching since last night to find out, but I could not find it....
    What does ACT II or ACY II mean???? Can someone tell me what it is?
  14. I guess its called Box Bag. but I can't find anyother online... Tell me where you found your original photo.
  15. I saw this in the gold colour in brompton cross chanel a few weeks back...