Help Please~

  1. I got a black classic flap as a present, but the corner of the CC lock has a square shape thingy...with some writing in it...perhaps... is the bag authentic? Excuse my poor discription....:sad:

  2. Is it possible for you to post pics? This should be in the Authenticate This thread in the Chanel shopping subforum. :yes:
  3. how do i upload photos?
    Sigh.. 's hard to explain, the square is located on the left handside corner of the CC lock, is it a vintage maybe? Im soo confused...
    Just signed on today.. didn't know where to post.. sorry~
  4. ^It's okay it's a common mistake. :yes:

    Hmmm you can attach photos to your post by going to "Post Reply" or if you use the Quick Reply at the bottom of the page you have to go to "Go Advanced". You'll see an option where you can attach pictures. Or you can upload pictures using if they're too large to be attached.
  5. 's not very clear, i used my phone to take da foto..lightin's a bit strong too...
  6. Icypeach, do you know where your bag was purchased from? did you get a gift receipt or anything with it.

    I remember another member recently posted a picture of a new engraving on the CC clasp, will try and find the thread for you :smile:
  7. I'm not sure... the bag is from my mum's friend...she's got heaps bags... howeva, im still quite surprised that she would let me have it... so....
    but thanx heaps for your help gal~
  8. ^^ i think my jumbo is like what your describing and i bought mine from a boutique. it's sort of like a symbol with some squiggly bits? it's actually hard to make out what it is...

    but i think you should ask your mum's friend maybe if she has the authenticity card etc...
  9. great~ thanks so much, i think she has one, but you know, 's so easy to fake an authenticity card these days....sigh
  10. Don't know how the engravings on the CC work exactly but I know that they do mark the CC logo like that. More pics of the bag would help too if you'd like to further authenticate it. :yes:
  11. but i guess i should be glad that i got a Chanel bag~ hehe