Help please? xD

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  1. I'm going to be graduating from high school in June and as my graduation present my mother is helping me buy a Louis Vuitton Hampstead GM and another smaller bag for my wallet etc. I'm not a big fan of the mono or the damier really (I like the style of the tote that I'm getting though) so I finally narrowed it down to either getting the roxbury or the mini denim pleaty. I was curious what you Louis Vuitton aficionados thought about my two choices? And if you guys know of another bag below $900 (that isn't the speedy!) I'm all ears. I'd prefer it to close, but if I fall in love does it really matter?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Hey!
    Welcome to TPF.
    I think you should go with something Vernis [Of corse only if you like them!]
    i wasnt to crazy about some of the vernis line until i saw it in rl and it's so pretty! and something like Pomme is very summery.
    Or how about some of the new Multicolour line?
    anyway Good luck i hope you find the bag perfect for you!
  3. Pomme Roxbury!!!!
    If you're thinking about the Roxbury, the Pomme color is so beautiful!
  4. If it's your first LV, I'd go with some more hearty than Vernis, definitely. They ruin so easily and it takes a while to get used to having to pamper a mono bag, much less vernis. That being said, I have no great suggestions to offer. lol. Most of my current loves are over $900 and I tend to be one track minded. I do LOVE the hampstead tho. Maybe you should just get a great wallet instead of a small bag. For the $900 you could get a pochette accessories as a clubbing/evening bag AND a wallet in addition to your hampstead. My fave wallet is the document wallet with removable passport holder. I use the removable part as a small wallet in my small bags. It's a "two-fer-one" lol.

    Let us know what you decide. And congrats! I think the GM will make a great college bag.
  5. go for the roxbury:yes:

    my other suggestion is the MC shirley. It's bright and colourful, perfect for your graduation party or prom
  6. I'd go for the Pomme Roxbury. It's more spacious than the Mini Pleaty. :yes:
  7. Thanks for all your help! These two items would be my 3rd and 4th LV items respectively, I already own a Speedy that I hardly use and will probably sell. The idea of getting a wallet is a good idea, but I'm the type of girl that uses the same wallet but different bags and I just bought a Kate Spade wallet and I would constantly beat myself up about buying another one. I don't need a lot of room since all I carry in my main bag is a wallet and sometimes chapstick, glasses if I'm wearing contacts.
  8. Well then, that changes the scenario Bella. Love that name, btw! :yes:

    I am definitely leaving you in the fabulous hands of the other imaginative LV enablers here then! hehe... And I'm going with the advice of "...Yeah, what she said"... :graucho: lol
    Keep us posted on whatcha get! We loooooove photos!