help, please!..............what kind of fendi bag is this???? Thx!

  1. Hello,

    • Does anyone know what kind of Fendi bag this is?
    • What was it called and/or what collection it came from?
    • Approximately how old it is?
    • Approximately how much it retailed for?

    Thank you within advance for any assistance you may provide! Thanks!

  2. Not a clue but it is a very classy bag! Reminds me of the Kelly (pardon me Hermes lovers if I got the style wrong :push:smile:, is it yours may I ask? I'm guessing it's an older style, it is in great condition!
  3. I have never seen one like this before, either, but I agree with kav, it's very kelly-esque. Pretty leather on it.

    Did it come with an authenticity card, or is there a leather serial strip sewn into the lining? Those items could give us a clue as to age and name.
  4. This is an active auction on eBay, no? You might have better luck on Authenticate Thread.