Help Please: What bag is this?

  1. Hello Folks,

    A little help needed here please! I was purchasing breakfast this morning and a lady walked in with a LV that looked like the picture below… but in Monogram Denim. Can someone please tell me what this bag is? :confused1: I was in a part of town known for having about 60% of LV carriers to be carrying a fake. I can spot a fake in Canvas but my eyes are not as keen with the Denims. Please help and I hope the picture below posts because I am still new at all this. :sweatdrop: Thanks in advance.
  2. There wasn't one made in that style in the denim so the one you saw was fake. Those bags were the Globe Shoppers that came with either burgundy, yellow or blue logos and came in 3 varying sizes.
    Here are the authentic ones:
  3. Here's the one I'm guessing you saw (it's a fake for $55 from ioffer :yucky:)

  4. Thanks so much LvBabyDoll. I got that picture from eBay. That's where I go as a reference to fakes. You have been very helpful. :smile:
  5. You're welcome!
    Actually, eBay has a lot less fakes than ioffer does. Ioffer is definitely the worst, they have all the "creative" ones where styles that were never even made are sold lol. They're horrible.
  6. IS that bag you posted. But the handles were in red and white stripes. GAWD you're good!
  7. Hmm too bad they didn't make it in the denim, it looks pretty nice! LVbab
  8. Haha all I did was type in "vuitton denim tote" on ioffer and it came up. Pretty much any bag's existence that you wonder about can be found on there.
  9. Yikes, sorry I didn't finish my reply! I was going to say that LVbabydoll is an LV expert! :tup: