help please! the TRUTH about Chanel's quality....

  1. I just got my very first Chanel about a week ago, and I've been loving it since! However, I've seen quite a few threads about poor quality, and I've been doing lots of searches about it and I'm getting a little paranoid! Are Chanel bags still bags you can have and use for years? Or should I be extra careful with my bag and completely baby it? I try to buy bags that I know I'll have for a long time to come, but it just seems like there's less and less quality behind the names these days..... What do you all think?
  2. Okay, I'm sure many people will disagree, but here's my honest take on Chanel's quality:

    I think back in the day Chanel's quality was better, the leather was heartier, the stitching tighter, so the bags lasted longer. There are alot of vintage bags in impeccable condition. I think half of it is because they spent alot of their life in dust bags and half of it is that they were made to a more exacting standard. I feel like Chanel meant more as a brand and was more exclusive decades ago. I think today more people own Chanels, sales are record high, and they can rely more on their name than their quality in selling their bags. I hate to say it, but I don't buy Chanel for quality. I expect my bag to be at a certain base level of quality, but I really expect to have to baby my bags (with the exception of some caviar bags). I buy other mid-range brand bags for quality craftsmanship because I know they have to have quality craftsmanship to sell bags, as they aren't a multi-million, if not billion, dollar fashion house that can sell a vinyl sack for a thousand dollars (no offense to cabas owners!). People will buy Chanel because it's Chanel regardless of superior quality. I've really never heard raves about the quality craftsmanship of Chanel above other brands, but maybe it's the nature of people to rant about flaws not positives.

    Lambskin bags need to be babied because of the nature of the leather, but I have plenty of other Chanels with loose stitches and have heard horror stories from other PF'ers about issues with new bags that you just wouldn't expect. Bottom line, I buy Chanel because I like their bags, but I am disappointed in the quality of some of their purses so I would make sure to baby my bag so my investment lasts as long as possible....those are just my humble thoughts...
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  3. I had a few minor issues in the past, but overall I'm one satisfied customer. ;) Many of my bags are more than 10 years old and still in perfect condition. I baby the delicate bags, like lambskin and light colors, but the rest that receive less pampering are still in great condition and shape. I'm not afraid to carry my bags.
  4. Echo, that's so true. Chanel bags were better made in the past. More and more, I see less quality in the trendier bags.
  5. I own 12 Chanel totes that are used quite frequently, and none have had any problems. My one bowler bag had a problem with color fading but that's the only issue I've had. Although we a large forum, we represent a small population of Chanel's total customers and as echo stated, it's the nature of the beast to rant versus rave.

    It does, however, seem like the postings about flaws are becoming more and more frequent lately.
  6. I've never had a problem with my bags but I mostly buy classic flaps and reissues. I havent gotten any of the trendier totes and bags. Either way, Chanel offers great service so I wouldnt worry.
  7. i totally agreed with echo_23 and burberryprncess :yes:
    Chanel bags were better made in the past !!!
  8. I only got my first Chanel, but I already know I have to baby it (but it's worth it since it's so beautiful :sweatdrop:) Due to the leather I can't carry it in the rain or have to take care that the hardware doesn't dent the leather (all of this was told to me by the lovely SA who sold me the bag).
    If it was a Caviar bag however, I'd expect it to take a bit of rain (as I hate carrying an Umbrella...)

    As stated, I also expect a certain base level of quality, but overall I'm paying for the design...
  9. I have nightmares about waking up one day and seeing that the chain on my classic flap has broken off or something of that sort. However, I haven't really had problems with any of my bags.. and I own a good number. (I've never been able to say how many since the number shocks even myself! :biggrin:) I own both new (and trendy) as well as vintage.. and classics in between. I have not been disappointed so far but I would not be shocked if I found myself the owner of a less-than-stellar-quality Chanel in the future. I have heard way too many horror stories and seen way too many bags to be surprised. Thus, I've become very picky about what I buy now.

    I doubt that every bag is falling apart. But there seems to be enough that this has become an issue. Be careful with your bag but don't freak out too much! In the end.. it is just that- a bag. I know we love them dearly (I mean, I call them my babies!) but it will be okay. Chanel has good enough customer service that I think we would be covered if anything happened. Just keep your receipts and make sure you know where that boutique is in case you need anything.. ;)
  10. It seems like the vintage bags were made better. The operative word is seems. Those bags were primarily purchased by an older clientele and not usually by 20 year olds. By older I don't mean 50, 60 either but working professional women who were beginning to make a decent income. I'm guessing there was less purses produced just based on population numbers. Yes, my 20 year old black lamb looks fab but it was my special occasion purse. My daily beater was a Chanel bucket bag. When it needed the chains refinished, they replaced them; when it needed being brought back to that new intense black, Chanel did that too -- and it was lambskin. There's no doubt that Chanel will fix a broken leather strap or whatever else happens to the bag. That is part of what you are purchasing, and yes I know there is a charge. Where are you going to take a cheap bag that falls apart to be fixed? Is it even worth fixing? Do you still love it enough to even want it fixed? My other take is if you love lambskin, buy one. Use a leather protector against staining and use the dang bag. It's not going to disintegrate from touching it, etc. Chanel can refurbish them when and if they need it. Enjoy it. You can't take them with you to the afterlife.
  11. I think Chanel is like other brands. . . there will be complaints.
    People post threads when they're dissatisfied, but not when they're satisfied, KWIM?
    Having spent a lot of time in this Forum I've noticed for every 1 complaint about Chanel's quality, there's another 100 of us that have never experienced issues.
    I have 6 Chanel purses/wallets and have had ZERO quality issues so far, I have 3 pairs of sunglasses all infallible.

    It's true people remember the negative comments longer than the positive.
  12. I've had problems with my one and only Chanel bag. The logo plate and the leather scratch after barely touching anything. My fendi bag's logo plate, however, is scratchless after seven years. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy another Chanel bag unless I really LOVE the style.
  13. i have had problems with 2 of my bags. the classic flap chain leather is coming apart and my cambon bowlers zip broke (but i just cliped it back again- I ain't waiting 3+ months to get it back again!)
  14. Wow, that surprises me. I have purchased a few Fendi bags only to end up returning them because the quality seemed so low. Then again they were the canvas and not leather. In any case, I too have never had a quality issue with Chanel, but also don't use my Chanel's everyday.
  15. ^ I agree with Swanky that there will always be complaints.. but, like other people have said, don't worry too too much. After all, there's no point in NOT enjoying your beautiful bag. I didn't spend $2000+ on a bag only to feel stressed over it all the time, KWIM?

    But of course, check out your bag before you use it and cut off the tags -- I didn't inspect my classic jumbo till after I cut off the tag (><) and that's when I noticed some of the chain links were opened! I was able to exchange because I literally JUST bought the bag and the defect was not in any way caused by me.

    From other threads on the forum, it seems like CS can sometimes be hit or miss.. but I'm not going to worry about that till the time comes (which I hope it never does!). But I think you just have to be firm with CS and demand you be treated fairly in those cases.

    Moral of the post.. Enjoy your bag!!