Help please! Photos wearing your Bulgas

  1. I'm looking at getting a drawstring tote but still can't decide on size... is the large just *huge*? I'd love to see pics of both the medium and large being worn if at all possible... thanks gals!:yes:
  2. The large is pretty big. Here is the large worn by Jessica Simpson


    and the small

  3. I have the smaller size and I think it works just fine. I can fit a TON of stuff in it, but i do also really like the larger size. I would just go which one you think you would use more.
  4. funny you should ask!!! i just fell in love with and bought my first bulga!!! i LOVE it! i'm short 5'3 and naturally i went for the smaller bag...then i thought again and tried the larger one and i love looks richer and it falls great against the body...i got the large drawstring one...hope that helps! good luck!
  5. Wow! I never realized that the large is that large. If ever I decide to get a Bulga drawstring tote the small would be it for me. Thanks for posting those pics.
  6. I am new to this forum and I am just learning about all these beautiful designer bags...I never heard of "Bulga" bags but they sure are nice! Looks like it holds alot of stuff...might be looking into purchasing one soon :happydance:
  7. I have the smaller one in teal. It really holds a lot! I love it, and I've gotten lots of complements.
  8. ^^Same here and it holds a lot looks great, the large just overwhelmed me when I tried it.
  9. Just wanted to say thanks everyone for the help!!! Your responses helped me out a lot!