Help please, I'm totally new..

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  1. Hi all Hermes fans,

    I'm new and so in love with Birkin. I'm wondering what is the cheapest Birkin, in terms of leather and hardware. I would really love to get one of my own but I'm gonna have to aggressively save up. :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    Please give me some suggestions.

  2. Welcome! I would guess a 25cm in togo.
  3. how much would it cost?
    will i have to skip lunch for the next 5 years? :P :P
  4. Roughly 6K in the Hermes boutique.
  5. I am intending to skip lunch for 2 yrs! :sweatdrop: if I can take it - 1 yr! :idea:
  6. Welcome E! :yahoo:
  7. Welcome!!
  8. I was gonna ask the same question...maybe I should start with a bag charm and a scarf and work up to buying something to hang them on....I'm usually a Balenciaga girl, but I lurk on here a lot lately...theres SO much to learn about Hermes bags!

    But really, 6k for a starter bag? Nothing less?
  9. 6k for a Birkin but there are other Hermes bags that are not quite so expensive like the Garden Party, Massai or Evelyne. :smile:
  10. Go for the Evelyne!!! It is agreat H "starter" bag and much more "reasonably" priced. I was a B-bag and Chanel girl...until I started lurking around here too. Now, I am looking to sell off quite a bit to fund my Hermes obsession.