Help Please, I'm New At This

  1. I have yet to buy my first Balenciaga, and I need help! This forum is AMAZING and I've been reading and researching about all the colors, styles, and years they came out. I have come to the conclusion that the City bag is the style that I love the most, but I can't decide what color! I really like the older years (like the '04 turquoise or '05 apple green) but where would I buy it? HELP PLEASE, ANYTHING!
  2. Welcome Purple!

    Please familiarize yourself with the Forum Rule: there is no buying or selling allowed ;)

    That said, you can locate past-season bbags on eBay, RDC, and AFF.

    Moving this to the shopping sub. . .
  3. I wasn't trying to get anyone to sell me a bag, I was wondering a good store to buy one...and asked for peoples opinions on colors. Sorry for the confusion!