Help plan out next b-bag additions.

  1. Ok I know I should rather stick to the Ban thread but planning keeps you from impulsive buying so it actually saves money :P or am I wrong:shame: ?

    Please give me some input on what I should add to my tiny collection.

    I had:
    - emerald and rouille city. (those were impulsive purchases)

    I have:
    - INK work (on ebay right now but if it doesn't sell with BIN think very much about keeping it, toni's pics were just so inspiring)
    - Rouge Vif City
    - Camel city on the way (wanted a day in that color but couldn't find one here)

    So were should I go from here. I do have three kids one is not a year;
    I mostly wear dark blue denims, brown and beige tones, light blue, some pale pink, gray, black, khaki in winter

    A lot of white, cream, beige light blue and pale pink when it gets warmer.

    I really would like one day and one other size for 07.

    My thoughts went towards, black, café, argile day (I don't want truffe), black city with pewter, or naturel or white city or...a smaller size in a light color but no first it's really too small for me.
    Any ideas are welcome.:yes:
  2. I think you should add an 06 grey to your collection. Probably in a Day style. I'm a mum too and I just got my Greige Day bag from PF'er "Porro". I am now looking for an 06 grey First to add to my collection - good luck!
  3. A grey color would look nice if you find one you like. Black is readily available and matches everything. :smile:

    As to a smaller size... I personally would not go any smaller than the city but it also depends on what you put in a bag. I think I have seen threads where the other members say that the twiggy fits a lot. :confused1:
  4. What about one of the new blues. A lighter one maybe the french blue or the periwinkle.
  5. So since I just got my new camel city which is not as light as I thought it would be I think I need smth a little lighter for spring.

    Hmmm the french blue looks great pretty much like the RV a bright but deep color.
  6. what about a cafe or black Day? I've never tried the day but it seems like a nice casual bag you can throw around and use it well with kids around and it might be nice to have it in a dark color so you don't worry about marks/stains.
  7. def. get some blues (sky blue, ice blue) or calcaire?
  8. That would make it three then;

    one dark day :P ,
    a bluish city
    and something light, naturel or whow I would love a calcaire:drool: