help picking first lv for guy

  1. hey everyone, im a guy and would really like to purchse my first louis. I've been looking around at wallets and luggage and they are all so nice that I just want to get them all, can you guys help me decide what I should get.....

    PS. I will probably be purchasing at the Boston store, which I hear has good service.:yahoo:
  2. Hey Mikey! I would say something damier and since its your first purchase I would say a messenger or backpack so you can use it everyday!
  3. I don't know what your budget is, but how about a damier keepall 55? Or belt ? Or maybe even a wallet?
  4. well i can spend up to about 2500 i'd say. SO I might get afew things...:yahoo:
  5. Get a Montsouris Gm!! I love it very practical!!
  6. no... i tink ill stick to a keepall, a pegase, a wallet, or I like the limited edition whistler bag, but I dont know where I would carry it....also Iwould like some loafers....
  7. First and foremost, welcome to tPF! ;)

    I suggest... the Damier 6 CC wallet, and the Monte Carlos for shoes?
  8. I think the Waterproof Keepall is awesome as a travel bag. If you are looking for everyday, why not choose a messenger or photographer's bag. I personnally LVoe the Naviglio and it comes in Ebene and Azur. Lastly for wallets, my choice for a guy would be the Multiple because of the cool credit card slots. Goodluck with you first LV purchase!!!
  9. thanks for the help guys I will consider all this when I go shopping in Boston in August, and ofcourse I will post pictures of everything.....;)
  10. hi, do you travel or do weekend trips often? If you should get a keepall.
  11. A 6 cc wallet (damier or taiga), and keepall 45 damier or monogram
  12. yea i actually travel a lot so that would be practical....:yes: