help out of closet

  1. No. i am not closet fruit. Nor do I dig purses. And I can't believe there is a forum on purses. OMG!

    However, I have a closet FULL of purses that my wife keeps away. She already bought a NEW purse and still not happy with them. Either it is too big or too small or too something. What is up with that? Can anyone help me understand?
  2. NO, don't try to understand.

    It's no different than some guys spending money on more golf clubs, cigars, rims, etc. . .

    Don't try to understand it.
  3. I don't know your wife - but a couple things come to mind. Perhaps she just loves the feeling of retail exhilaration. We all do. We're chicks, it's in our DNA.

    But squirelling them away like that? Most women want to flaunt what they have, so that's not typical. Perhaps she has buyers remorse? Or maybe she feels like she doesn't deserve them? I'd need to know more about your wife to know for sure... these are just a few suggestions. Good luck.
  4. Introduce your wife to this site- she get all the help she will need to start enjoying her bags and adding to her collection.
  5. All I have to say is Swanky knows best.
  6. haha. love this answer! so simple, yet so true!:smile:
  7. the ladies have given great answers but to add my two cents maybe you should try improving your attitude instead of starting out by saying i am not a closet fruit.

    i do believe that we have male members of the forum who are interested in the items that are discussed here.

    if you take time to read the different threads you will understand that your wife is not alone in having a closet full of handbags. welcome to the purse forum. queen
  8. The tide comes in.
    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
    We love bags.

    ;) Yep, it just "is."

  9. It's a girl thang!
  10. I think its best for you both if you just grow to live with it :smile:
  11. I showed my wife this web site. She agrees with you, swanky, and a few others. I understand. Thank you. And to queen; sorry mate.
  12. :party: I agree don't try to understand.
  13. She might have some purses that she loves so much that she is afraid to use them. I have a few of those! Usually more unique or collectible ones...

    So she uses only a few that she considers safe for everyday.

    Has anything in her life changed recently? For example, I used to...and still tiny hand-held bags. But after the birth of my Db, I realized that they are totally not practical. So, I started buying shoulder bags....Now I have a collection of purses that I will just be admiring for years to come LOL. Or I remember when I was taking the subway to dangerous areas for work, I started buying bags that "didn't look like anything" even though they might have still been designer...just not obviously so ....for safety reasons.

    Or....she might recently have become addicted like the rest of us!
  14. Glad i wrote to you people. I am going ahead and get them out of the closet when she goes out. she only needs one purse for work and play. and a tiny for for dress up. Ill pick the white ones since it goes with everything. And the rest I'll have to figure out. Hate to throw 'em away but this is likely the best thing.
  15. Um, this is not a good idea. Do you know the value of these handbags? And "she only needs one purse"?? That is crazy talk. Why don't you let her decide what do to with her belongings?