Help ordering a bag.

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  1. I have a huge problem. I'm completely in love with a specific design, and I have found two things on that I really wanna get, but they don't ship to where I live (Europe)! :cursing:
    I was wondering how other people in here get around stuff like that? Do you get other people to order the stuff for you?
  2. Try
  3. I order lots of stuff from, but they don't have these specific things, they're sold THROUGH amazon, and not by them.
  4. try to find another online retailer maybe
  5. I have tried. I have found NOTHING. Well a bit on ebay, but I have asked the sellers if they're willing to ship to Europe and they didn't even bother answering. Nice...
  6. Which designer is it?
  7. Do you have any relatives or friends in the U.S. that would be willing to order it for you?
  8. I have that trouble, often shipping only covers UPS ground when ordering from US to Uk. We miss out big time as we will get stung with high tax for importing.

  9. It's Diane Von Furstenberg. And right now there's even a sale on the "suitcase" I want.

  10. No unfortunately not. Well I do have a close friend in MA, but he's out of the country for a while, so that doesn't really help me.

  11. Oh yeah I completely agree. It seems like 90% of all stores only ship within the US though. And it's really expensive if you have to rent a "US mail box" as Bluefly suggests.