Help on these Miu Miu eyeglasses

  1. In need your opinion on these eyeglasses. I like them but I am just not sure about the Jewel on the side. If you saw someone wearing these, What would you think?


  2. im not a big fan of the jewel on the side ><
  3. I really dislike the side jewel. It would get old for me.
  4. yes I agree, I think the jewel will really draw attention to itself, that's where people will be looking (not into your eyes..)
  5. i don't like the jewel, but maybe its not so bad irl.
  6. I would prefer it without the jewel, but I think certain people could pull these off...
  7. The jewel makes it look cheapER to me. Not cheap, just lessens the value to me if that makes sense. It looks like one of those fake jewels you buy from a craft store and glue onto crafts.
  8. Not liking the hole. I would be fine with it if it was just a hole.