Help on new colour, please - gris au lait? Also, does H ship from the US to UK?

  1. Hi all.

    I'm dying (not quite literally) for a Kelly wallet and am having no luck in tracking one down in a colour/leather I like.

    They are getting one in Manchester (UK) in a new colour called, I think, gris au lait. It was described as a dark pink. Has anyone seen it IRL or (better) got a picture? I'd be v grateful as it sounds just right!

    If the colour isn't, in fact, right for me, I'd like one in etoupe or gold chevre with PH. There is not a single one matching this description in the UK (apparently). Has anyone seen one recently and if so do you know if the store will ship to the UK?

    Thanks so much.

  2. could it be that they meant griolet? but thst is not what i would describe dark pink more like dark grey mixed with raisin
  3. It could well have been griolet - I didn't know it existed! Any pics anyone? Thanks!
  4. I bought a scarf from US and had it shipped to UK. The shipping, tax and custom charges were extraordinary and that's just for a scarf.
  5. Hmm, that's always the catch (£££ duty plus 17.5% VAT on the whole shebang!) with non-EU imports. Maybe I should try Paris first!

    I've looked at the other griolet threads/posts but am none the wiser about the colour!

  6. i recently got a shawl from USA, not only did I have to pay the 17.5% vat, I also had to pay import duties??? and then ParcelForce for the luxury of delivering my package to me. :cursing:
  7. my SA told me that griolet is a mix between Gris and Violet.. hence the name Griolet...
  8. Kellybirkin, if I'm remembering correctly, griolet is a purple-ish grey (rather than a greyish purple, KWIM?). In any case, I remember I liked it because it's on my SA's list of "colours Beaumonde likes" and she promised to call when any leather goodies in this colour pop up. Do let us know what you decide!
  9. ^^ Interesting, Wafaya!

    Here's a Griolet swatch. It's a greyish purple.
  10. ^^ That's a beautiful color. Seems like it would be very versatile.
  11. Interesting!

    I take it this listing is not correct...

    " The color is a GORGEOUS and Very Neutral new color called "GRIOLET" with Palladium hardware. Griolet is taupe-y like color, lighter than Etoupe but darker than the new color called "Bisquite. I have added a picture at the end to show true color. "

    (the gris/violet explanation makes sense. Any thoughts as to what this colour is? could it be a different "gris"?)
  12. Thanks v much for the swatch - v helpful. They're going to call when it arrives!

  13. piaffe, the swatch I posted is in Swift. All colours pop in Swift.

    This reseller is one of us. And I doubt she has gotten her listing wrong. Note that her wallet is in chevre mysore. So that could explain the colour difference. Pictures taken with flash and without turn out differently too.

  14. ITA...that seller knows her stuff!!!!
  15. Just watch out to the customs and VAT. My photographers mailed me wedding photos declared at USD $75 and my VAT bill was GBP 45! They taxed the shipping charges. I would try Paris first as well. They seem to have a few Kelly wallets in stock when I was there.