Help on Authenticity cards!

  1. Hi,
    I'm a new eBay seller and just started selling some of my old Chanel bags that I bought years ago from Chanel Boutiques. But a buyer states that mine is fake because there isn't a white hologram on the card. The sticker and hologram all have matching serial #'s. It's very annoying when you know you bought it at a boutique. I explained that some of the really old Chanel's don't have the white hologram. Half of all my old Chanel bags dont have the white hologram on the card. Agree? (stressed)
  2. Yes, some of the older cards don't have the white hologram on the card. Maybe Michele knows when they added the white hologram?
  3. sorry, i'm a newbie here. Who's Michele?
  4. She can be found in "Authenticate This Chanel" in the Chanel Shopping subforum, although she may see this thread in this section too.