what do I do?

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  1. I ordered 3 konad nail art items from a seller on Ebay. Seller shipped items separately. They came with tracking and were 'delivered' on 29th Jan. Here's the issue...only 2 of the 3 items were delivered. The post office is telling me that they were definitely put in my PO box, but that's not true. I got 2 of them fine, but not the last one.

    I have no idea what to do, because as far as the seller is concerned they were all delivered. As far as the post office is concered they were. I KNOW they weren't all delivered. Am I going to have to eat the cost of the undelivered item? I don't have money to waste, and have no idea what to do now. Please help, if you have any ideas.
  2. If they were shipped separately, then you should have 3 tracking #'s ?
    If so...go back to the PO and tell them (this tracking #) was NOT in my POB and ask them to initiate an investigation. If they are uncooperative, call the 800# tracking and request same.
  3. ^Thats what I was thinking...
  4. I'm thinking they may have transposed the PO box number, and/or just put it in the wrong PO box.
    You're right, there were 3 different tracking numbers. I've been on the phone with the post office again this morning, trying to get a hold of the guy who deals with the PO boxes. So far every time I phoned he's been busy and they've told me they'll get him to call me back. So far he hasn't.
    I think you guys are right again with initiating an investigation...If he doesn't call me today that's what I'll do.
    Ellie Mae and pro_shopper thanks for giving me advice...I had no idea what to do. I'll keep you posted.
  5. So, just to clarify, the seller is completely unwilling to help you?
  6. coachlover i'd go down there in person and ask to speak to the PO box guy.
  7. It's not the seller's fault if the Post Office messed up. And even if it was, the seller couldn't do anything. I'm sorry this has happened to you, coachlover. I've had UPS tracking say a package was delivered to my door when it wasn't; all you have to do is contact them (good luck getting a hold of your carrier -- hopefully you'll be able to reach him soon!) and file some kind of claim for the items lost. Insurance should protect you, and you should get your money back.
  8. I haven't even contacted the seller yet. I don't see it as their fault, but the fault of the post office, to be honest.
    I've had mail for other PO box holders in my PO box, and I'm pretty sure tha's what's happened here, they've put my mail in someone elses PO box...If he (the PO guy hasn't phoned me back by tomorrow, I'm going to ask for an investigation.
  9. I didn't say that, and that wasn't what I was getting at.

    I had an item that I purchased in the past which was shown as delivered to my address, but I never did receive it. I contacted the seller and as it turns out the item was mysteriously returned to her, but still showed as received by myself when tracked! I know this is a longshot, but perhaps try contacting the seller and letting her know what happened just to see!
  10. ^ I understand, jenaywins. That's why I qualified my statement with pointing out that the seller couldn't do anything since it wasn't his/her fault, and the vast majority of the time shipments are out of the seller's hands as soon as they're handed over at the post office.
  11. Yep, totally agree with what you are saying. Based on my experience when my package was lost, however, I thought perhaps it would be worth a shot for the OP! ;)
  12. I had an issue similar to this. I had the tracking number.. a package slip was left to sign, I signed it.. supposedly USPS delivered but I never received it. Now, I am SURE noone could have stolen the package. I called USPS (the local PO and the 800 number) and both basically said I "signed" for it.. but the only thing I signed was the redelivery slip! All in all, I had to eat the cost. Made me SO mad. Good luck.. hopefully your PO is nicer than mine!
  13. And you are right. When a package is MIA, ANYTHING is worth a shot, IMO. Certainly would not hurt to just advise the seller 2 delivered, 1 not, so please apprise if for some bizarre reason returned to seller. Can't hurt..
  14. Thanks. I've made the seller aware of the situation now. The post office still hasn't contacted me, so I'm going to phone up tomorrow, file a complaint, and ask that they start an investigation.