Help! Non-paying bidder issues (long)

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to know if you could shed some light...

    So, this is the first time I've ever sold on eBay. I sold a pair of manolos to finance my budding purse hobby. The auction closed on Apr 9th. I sent the winning bidder an invoice that same day. After three days of no contact, I email her again, reminding her that she won the auction. So she emails me back stating that she was on vacation and she'll pay me when she gets back on Apr 14th. So, I wait, thinking that can be a perfectly rational explanation. On April 16th, I get an email from her stating that she has unexpected taxes to pay and she can't pay me right away. So I responded by allowing her an addl week (until 21st) to pay. I emailed her again on april 23rd about the auction. Now it is Tues, april 24th and I haven't heard from her. Should I open a NPB dispute? and if so, how long does it take to get this settled? I have finals in a week or two and I really don't need this problem... hanging over my head.
  2. I have no experience on the seller side, so I don't know how this works. I wouldn't take her word anymore or put more time in (maybe you can send her one last email) and would go back to eBay and saying you have a non buying person, try to get your money paid to eBay back and relist it
  3. How about offering it to the second highest bidder?
  4. You have every right at this point to report her as a non paying bidder. YOu have been more than fair and really did not even have to give her an extension. I buy and sell and if it were me I would open a dispute with ebay to recoup your fees and do a second chance offer or simply relist. The ebay rule, I believe, is 7 days to pay so you should have no problem recouping fees. Good luck.
  5. she's had long enough, i would go the NPB route now. get your fees back and relist or send a second chance offer
  6. argh. ok, i guess i'm going to have to do the NPB...This experience really makes me want to never sell anything again on ebay. i've never had any problems buying, so that's why i decided to try selling an item.

    thanks again for the advice.
  7. Yup - open up a NPB dispute and I think after 7 more days you can close it (if she doesn't respond) and get your fees back. It totally sucks but if you do it this way, you can give her negative feedback and her feedback against you won't count! Good luck!
  8. its a shame it happened on your first auction, don't let it put you off though
  9. you're too nice. she can't afford to pay for it? too bad. she bought it. she can't pay because she's going away on vacation- too bad. again, SHE bought it BEFORE she went away. that's a lot of bs. file npb now and neg her and sell to the next highest bidder. it might already be too late.
  10. it shouldn't discourage you from selling on ebay but you have to watch out for you. if they're not paying, they're not going to.
  11. Sweetie, go to eBay's sellers forums (under the community tab) when you get a chance! This happens to everyone - and yes, you were too nice.

    File the NPB, relist. You can ban any buyer you wish, btw, for whatever reason you want - be sure to check their feedback as the auction progresses. eBay gives people 7 days to pay, IIRC, and that's what you should do and expect as well. Send a reminder on the 6th day (very friendly "just one day to go!") and ignore all pleas for extensions!

    THere's virtually nowhere on the planet a person can be on vacation and not have access to eBay/paypal, BTW.
  12. If you file a NPB alert and she does not respond to it (which is usually what I hope will happen when in this situation) if she leaves you negative feedback, ebay will retract it. If she responds to the NPB alert, as soon as she does, if you are not satisifed with the response, you can then close the matter and get your FVF credited. I would then give a Second Chance offer to the next person (if amount is sufficient). However, if she does respond to the NPB alert and she leaves you negative feedback ebay will not retract it.

  13. ^ what she said... i buy and sell on ebay also and i would def file an NPB at this point. you have been extremely generous allowing her the extra time and she has not had the decency enough to honor her winning bid. i hate when buyers do that :cursing: the worst part is if she leaves you neg feedback after all of this... that's what i hate about ebay.. we as the sellers can get totally screwed over by a vindictive buyer even if we did nothing wrong... i have over 200 all 100% positive feedbacks and it's awful when you take the time to cultivate excellent feedback and then one bad buyer can spoil it.. :sad:
  14. I know what you mean. I was selling a lot of clothes (as I have shed weight). Someone bought a top for AU$5.99, I sent about 5 emails, then I get an email, so sorry I can't afford to pay you. Then I look up her feedback and she bought and paid for something after my auction. So I still filed an NPB. Then she sends me another email that she has had car problems, I am sure $6 is going a long way to fix the car..
    You know if you don't want it don't buy it!!
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