help! nokia 6102i charger broke off in phone

  1. it is a 'needle' type insert and it broke off the charger and is stuck in the cell phone. any idea on how to get it out? guess i'll have to try to take off the casing? any ideas? TIA!
  2. I've gotten small things out of small spaces by using chewing gum or that sticky-tac stuff. *shrug*
  3. thanks! it's my son's phone - he is several states away in college...i'll pass your suggestion on to him!
  4. Tweezers, needle nosed pliers??
  5. thanks! he called this morning and used a nail file - obviously borrowed from the females in the dorm.- and pried it out. and the phone still works... i was going to suggest a pointed tip tweezers too...thanks again!
  6. I'm pretty sure there's a lot of cell phone stands out there who can repair your phone. Try looking for some near your place.