Tivoli's left

  1. Does anyone have any idea where I can find/purchase a Tivoli PM? I'm on the waiting list, but am usually impulsive so I want it now (very Veruca like in Willy Wonka :smile: )
    How bout the Trevi PM? I'm going to get my Berkeley tomorrow/Wednesday, but now I me, please
  2. If you really want one you should try calling individual stores instead of trusting their computer system...sometimes it says they have something but they actually don't (or vice versa). If you really want the Tivoli PM IMO you shouldn't settle for another choice just because it's unavailable. Just wait and more stock will come. Waiting makes the bag more special :smile:
  3. If you go very, very CAREFULLY, you can get an authentic Tivoli (Pm or GM) on eBay. Just be really, really sure who you're buying from, get all the necessary pics and docs, and run it past the specialists over in the Authenticate thread. I did recently and have a GORGEOUS Tivoli GM as a result!:happydance:
  4. I agree, don't 'settle' for a different style because Tivoli is unavailable. I was lucky and got this bag and it is so worth waiting for. Good things happen to those who are patient.
  5. The Tivoli is worth waiting for! I was fortunate to get it the day it was released, but I say wait it out! You'll love it!!
  6. Call Louis Vuitton Las Vegas, Fashion Show Mall (702) 731-9860 - They had one on Saturday. Good-luck!
  7. Thanks for everyone's help...Vegas is sold out~called many other states stores and nationwide it is out! So I'll wait patiently...
  8. Next shipment for Tivoli is not until Feb 8th as per store manager where i shop, on waiting list and hope i see one before Spring