Help! New paddingtons to have "Black hardware"?

  1. Hi! i was wondering if anyone has any photos of the Paddington bags that are coming out with black hardware? I heard the other day that this would be happening. Do you know anything about it? Also, will we still be able to buy the orginal paddingtons or won't they be made anymore? Can you help!! Not sure what to do - buy a paddy now or wait for a new black hardware one... ! Thanks :yes:
  2. I think only black will come with black hardware.

    Other colours will still have the silver/brass hardware.
  3. Thanks for your reply... not sure though as I was looking at the chocolate paddy and was told that would also come with black hardware.. seems a bit odd as not sure how well that would go at all... seems better to say would only be the black with black!
  4. Here's one from Neiman Marcus

    I cant help it but I'm tempted to call it *The Gothic Paddy* :death:
  5. Thanks for the pic - after my post just found this one on LVR...

    Gothic Paddy indeed!

  6. :rochard: It's nice there is paddy for every girl, huh? :happydance:

    I haven't seen it in real but it doesn't tempt me from the photos... But in the chloe boutique here they said it's going to be beautiful, who knows....? :upsidedown:
  7. Sounds good... was wondering about all this because I want to buy my first paddy and have been deliberating over the colours for about a year now!! I was thinking about the black paddington but then everyone has told me to get the chocolate paddington - but then maybe i should wait a week or two and have a look at this new goth one?! ah, such dramas.. thanks for all your help!
  8. makstar, it's soo hard to choose one color, that's why a lot of us have multiple colors :shame:
  9. D&G speaks the truth :true:

    It's sooo hard to choose just one color!!!

  10. Are the prices relatively the same on the ones with the black hardware? What other styles are going to feature the black hardware?:amazed:
  11. Hmmm...I'm not a fan of the black-on-black Paddy 'cos the lock just doesn't seem to stand out. Also, after some wear & tear, the black hardware might get dinged up and/or scratched & who knows what color the underlying metal is?
  12. i agree with dusty rose. i like the contrast with the lock. it makes it look more valuable.
  13. I don't like the black on black. Not enough contrast between colors. :hrmm:
  14. I saw the black on black yesterday at the Chole trunk show. The lock and bag are exactly the same color. You can even really see the lock/key. I really like the contrast also so that combination is not for me. However, if you like a really sleek monochromatic look I think you would like the black on black .
  15. I think a couple of threads back I stated that the black on black padlock makes the purse look as though it emerged from the hearth with a piece of coal dangling from it's mouth.

    I just too a look at the photo again...and still feel the same!:lol: