boots rubbing skin off my heel


Feb 6, 2008
I ordered the Frye Veronica boots and have tried them on a few times now. I have narrow heels and my right one is slipping quite a bit in the boot (left is too but not as much, maybe b/c that foot is a little bigger). Ive tried wearing thick socks, a gel heel liner, a gel heel insert (this made it worse since it raised my foot higher). Is there anything else I can try? I now have a nasty red, raw spot on my heel and will be living in Uggs for the next several days
Nov 30, 2008
Under a Palm Tree
Unfortunately I think this is just a suffering that goes with new shoes/boots. I would say at least 75% of my shoes caused some sort of blister/raw spot when they were new. I have a blister myself on my big toe right now from a new pair of pumps! :sad:
My recommendation would just be to let it heal and then either wear the boots with stockings/tights or socks or try to find a different heel liner. I use the tan rubbery ones, not gel and I know other people use moleskin. Good luck.


Jun 18, 2008
magic land
Have you try to put on some band-aid or some medical tape around your heel? It prevents ANY sort of rubbing directly against your heel. I guess socks are still mobile on your heel so they're not too helpful in your case. Hope this helps.


Aug 7, 2008
this happens to me whenever i wear shoes i haven't broken in yet. i always put a band aid on and let it heal first. then, i only wear the shoes for short periods of time until they are really broken in. i never wear them for so long that my foot is in serious pain with blisters. it takes a lot of time for me but then they become comfortable enough for me to where anytime.
Aug 17, 2008
I think wrapping with medical tape is the best option. The problem with using Bandaids or gel pads is they may shift around as you walk and your heel rubs the back of the shoe and either not protect the tender area or exacerbate the problem by causing another source of friction. To keep the tape in place you will probably have to wrap around the entire ankle and possibly bottom of the foot, just putting a piece on will not stay very well. You could put gauze between the tape and your heel if it's an open raw spot, I would not put adhesive over an open raw spot.


Dec 24, 2006
Try Foot Petals inserts. Nordstrom's sells them. On the website under "Tina's Tips", she talks about how to solve fitting problems by using her products. I use her insoles/heavenly heels and they saved my $200.00 flats. I swear I was about to give my gorgeous flats to Good Will. My problem was that my heel didn't stay put and my achilles heel was getting too much pressure. Her products are made for specialty shoes (CL...)