Help! New at this!

  1. Heres the situation. I put something on eBay, and someone won at over $400.00. However, they are from austrailia. Which it clearly said on my bid, that shipping to USA only, and for international to contact me. Well, they did not contact me and won the bid. They are located in Austraila, the shipping address is a po box which is not confirmed. and since it's not confirmed paypal does not have the protection policy. And she wants me to mark it as a gift value at $100? What should I do. She has good feedback. But, I'm a little wiery about this?? HELP! TIA :yes:
  2. I don't have a problem putting gift and lessening the value as long as they are prepared to pay for Express shipping as it can be tracked. I know some seller aren't comfortable doing this, but personally I've never have never had a problem and have shipped to OZ plenty of times.
    I have sent to Australian PO boxes and never had a problem either. You will also need a phone number for the customs forms. Print your labels through paypal too and when you bring the package to the post office they will give you this clear envelope to stick on the box.
    I have family in the UK and have to lessen value on their package otherwise they have to pay a fortune on duty.
    I wouldn't worry!
  3. Australians can't have our addresses confirmed by Paypal. :sad: PO box or not, doesn't matter. If she's gone to the trouble of asking you to mark it as a gift, it does sound like she's genuine. Since you said she has good feedback, then I think you should be ok.

    Just insure it for the full value and don't bother about marking it as a gift. She won't have to pay tax on it anyway coz it's below the taxable threshold.
  4. What amount is the taxable threshold?

  5. AUD$1000, which is approx USD$750-$780. :smile:
  6. It is illegal here in the US to falsely state the value of an item you are shipping. You have to sign the customs form. Read the form before you sign it.
  7. You have no obligation to finish this transactiuon as she did not contact you prior to bidding like your auction requires.
    You can offer it as a 2nd chance to the next bidder, but there's no guarantee they'll still want it.
  8. When I've been asked to mark as gift or of lesser value I have explained to them that it is illegal here to do so, and that the people at the post office know me as an eBay seller. They have always understood. They were obviously aware of the taxes when they bid on your item, so they should be prepared to pay.
  9. i refunded her money, I just didn't feel comfortable with the whole situation. thanks for everyone imput, I really appreciate it. :smile:
  10. that is really good to hear. better safe than sorry girlie!

    this topic has been brought up before. if buyers would just play by the rules, we'd be just fine on this topic! glad it didn't turn into a circus for you!
  11. ^^yeah, that was my exact thoughts. it's really gettting hard to sell things on ebay anymore.