HELP- Never had this problem before!

  1. I bought a Marc Jacobs bag for my mom. It was listed brand new, never been used- $600. I just received it and it looks like its in good condition, but it does look used. In fact it smells soooo bad a of smoke. I've never had this problem before. If the seller won't take it back, will paypal go in my favor. How can I prove what the bag smells? I'm so bummed, this was going to be a Christmas gift.
  2. OH my gosh I just posted the same thing but I got a Luella bag that stinks to high heaven of cigarettes! I don't know what to do, I've contacted seller but nothing back from her yet. Like you this was an x-mas gift too.
  3. Momo, fashion, did your sellers mention anything about smoke in their homes, or if they were smoke-free?
  4. They did not say it was from a smoke free home, but they did say it was brand new never been used. This bag definently smells like cigarettes were stored in it. Its so disgusting, makes me want to vomit.

  5. No, I never asked the seller either. Dumb of me but I've definitely learned a valuable lesson! BTW she's going to refund me the purse/shipping too.
  6. Wow, I'm happy for you! I hope my seller does the same
  7. IMO you shouldn't have to ask, I sell mens clothes, I don't smoke nor do I ever allow anyone to smoke in my house, but I never mention that in my auctions. I wouldn't think to ask the question myself....

    Glad your seller is working with you, that is great!

    Maybe the sellers who smoke should add to their listings that they smoke and if you are sensitive to smell don't bid.:yes: I have seen a few do that and I would steer clear.
  8. If you got a good deal on the bag I would put some charcol in a paper bag and place it in the bag for a few days --- that should neutralize the smells...
  9. I agree with you, thank you for your support. I've definently learned my lesson to ask in the future. I just would think a brand new bag would not smell like cigarettes were stored in it. I keep smelling the bag to see if the smell has gone away, but its still there really strong. I'm going to open a dispute with paypal and see what they say, the seller does not want to return the bag :tdown:
  10. I've tried that as well. Not with a bag though, but with a Nike shirt. It said it was brand new, but when I got it it smelled like aftershave and the sleeves were a bit dirty, so it had been worn at least a few times and NOT washed.
  11. Did you open a dispute, what happened?
  12. No I didn't want to do that even though looking back I think I probably should have. I just washed it and it was as good as new. I just think it's annoying that people write an item is brand new and unused when it's obviously used!