Help! Neo Speedy or baggy PM

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Neo Speedy or denim baggy pm??

  1. Neo Speedy

  2. denim baggy pm

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  1. Hi ladies

    May I know which one would you choose?

    Thank you!
  2. I'm not really a fan of either, but if I were to choose I'd go with the Neo Speedy. I normally like hand carries.

    I guess the choice depends on whether you think it's important you can put the bag on your shoulder because the baggy is adjustable.
  3. I have the baggy and I love it. I bought the longer strap so I can wear it messanger style also.
  4. I will choose Baggy :P
  5. I like the shape of the neo speedy; it looks really cute and fresh!
  6. Thks for the prompt response. I am given 2 options. Both brand new condition, baggy pm cost 1600SGD while the neo speedy cost $1400SGD which is about US100+ less. so i guess it is right to get the speedy.