Help needed in deciding style choice for Violet SGH!


Which one, yikes!!!

  1. Be patient, wait for the SGH violet hobo!

  2. SGH violet WE

  3. SGH violet Sphere

  4. SGH violet Escapade

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  1. I have been planning on buying a violet SGH new hobo (not day) and I am getting SO impatient waiting.
    I am also considering the following:
    SGH WE
    SGH Sphere
    SGH Escapade / RTT

    I am intrigued by the sphere, love the escapade look, don't yet have a WE. Whhmmm.

    Any thoughts? Should I wait for the S/S 08 colors to get the SGH hobo and hunt down one of the other choices for my violet purchase?

    Thanks for any help and advice. I feel so torn with this choice!!!!
  2. Personally I really love the escapade now it's a big bag and it depends what use you want to get out of it. I just think the style is gorgeous!
  3. I normally say wait for what you really want (SGH Hobo) but if you are open to getting it in one of the S/S '08 colors I say go get the SGH Sphere since you seem to really like that one as well. I think it would look good with your collection so far.
  4. i say be patient for what you really want and in this case the SGH violet hobo! You'll enjoy the purchase 1000x more if you buy something you've wanted for a really long time as opposed to settling on the next best thing.