Help Needed For Store Return to Bal NY

  1. Can anyone tell me if I should send the Original Receipt back with my bag with a Photocopy for myself or vice versa??

    Also, do they actually send you paperwork back for the store credit???

    They are closed so I can't call and ask and I wanted to send back on my way to work tomorrow...

  2. I always make a copy of my reciept and send it to them and keep the original for myself. After they get your bag they authomatically will send you a new reciept as store credit. I hope this helps.:heart:

  3. Yes, Thank You!!! :flowers:
    I wasn't sure if I should send them the Original b/c it says on there "returns with Original receipt"
  4. Does balNY only give you store credit for returns and never a full refund back to your method of payment? Curious since I am thinking of going on their waitlist for the first time!
  5. No refunds from BalNY...they do store credit only. That's what sucks about buying from them. What are you sending back?
  6. Only store credit and only up to 10 days is the policy. My suggestion is if you are really picky, to wait unless you know a SA who you trust to send you what you want. However, I purchased all my bags (14) except one sight unseen from Sarah and she has never sent a bad bag. Joseph, Kim and Daphne are also great and send good bags

  7. A White Purse with yummy gorgeous leather ...
    but the style just isn't what I thought... more of a "City" girl :P
  8. thanks Et and Shoegal for ur responses! Should I ask for a specific SA as soon as I call the store?
  9. Yes, ask for Sarah, Joseph, or Kim. Sarah is my SA and she is wonderful.:yes:
  10. I ordered 2 Blueberry items yesterday and Joseph was the sweetest SA ever.

  11. and what did you order ??? :graucho:
  12. Hi, for everyone who's referred others to Sarah and said she is "wonderful", I just spoke with her at BalNY and told her she comes highly recommended by PFers, and she asked me to thank all of you for her.

    THANKS, on my part, for recommending a great SA! She is sweet! :flowers: