Help needed concerning my Speedy 35

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  1. Hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me, im trying to find a good bag organizer to put inside my damier speedy 35, i want one that is lightweight and also i dont wnt it to change the shape of my speedy... can anyone make some suggestions? :smile:

    hopefully someone can help,

    LVoeEJC xx
  2. Hi, I recently purchased Tintamar VIP organizer (business size) for my speedy 30. It is lightweight and fits the 30 very well. Some TPFers use it in the Speedy 35. Do a search and you will find some pictures of it here at TPF. You can find them at Amazon or Quirkybags. I hope this helps :smile:
  3. ah yay thankyou im going to look into it now :smile: thanks for the suggestion x
  4. There is a thread in FAQs called "speedy organizer insert" dated april 9, 2009 where TPFer CoeurVernis posted some very nice pics of her organizer in the 35. I am sorry I do not know how to link it here, but maybe you can find it :smile:
  5. Sugar Fly do you have any piictures you could show for me to see what it looks like in the bag as i saw it on google and am not sure if i like the tie at the top? hope this is ok

    thankyou x
  6. oh thats great thankyou x

  7. Hi I can't find it would you be able to copy and paste the URL maybe? Sorry about this xx If not don't worry :smile:
  8. Yay, it worked! Scroll down that page to find the Pic by CoeurVernis :biggrin: