Help needed: any experience buying tableware on a trip?

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  1. I’m traveling to the UK next month and wanted to see if anyone has ever tried to purchase and bring back tableware on the plane... I’m not sure if that’s the best idea.. any previous experiences and suggestions are appreciated! Xx
  2. I’ve purchased H dinnerware and brought it home on a six hour plane ride. As long as you have the correct H boxes for the pieces and keep the boxes securely packed in your carryon, it should be fine. The H boxes are actually very well made and most come with form fitting foam inserts to protect the item. My SA offered to ship the pieces home for me but honestly I felt they were in better care with me than random fedex guys tossing packages around at every stop. I would never put them, or any H items really, in checked luggage though.
  3. I have done this and have also had the store ship to me - I recommend shipping. The knives can't go in carry-on.
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  4. I think I recall some were chatting in the homewares thread (link below) about having done this. Good luck! :flowers:
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  5. I second this! I travel a lot and often buy tableware during my trips and each box is designed to protect each piece with the internal foam inserts. I am mindful to make sure my purchases fit inside my hand luggage though as I also wouldn’t put it in checked luggage. You’ll be fine, and don’t forget to post pictures in the clubhouse thread (above) so we can drool over your purchases :biggrin:
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  6. Never flown with Hermes tableware, but we have flown with delicate wine glasses as a carry on, and it was always fine.
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  7. Thanks for your replies! Will def post tons of pix of my haul. I’m sooooo excited!
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