Help! Need to see an item/drilldown? Re: SA

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  1. Hey all - I posted about the small white hobo (with the brown strap) yesterday, and today I called Coach to ask if they made an all white soho hobo (explained I'd called the week prior asking for an all white hobo, was told they had one, and received this one - a white one with brown accents/strap - and I was wondering why I'd not been told on the phone that they didn't have an "all white" hobo), and she said they had one from a previous season. I have the item number, how can I see this bag? Or one like it? The SA on the phone said she was sending me a photo - but the picture won't come through -just the bag details. Here's the style number: 10042
  2. Here is an ebay photo, I hope it helps! This was a gorgeous bag.

  3. I have this bag. Its really cute!:smile:
  4. Hmmm. I think I like this more than the white/brown I got:

    I think I'm gonna order it and choose between the 2.
  5. I have an old-school pink one. It's interesting to see how they modify the details slightly with time.
  6. I have that one in tobacco and its a really thick leather (not like the one you have) but the braided hobo is super comfortable on your shoulder!